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Saturday, February 8, 2014

I hear the sound of the ancient ones

I hear the sound of the ancient ones I hear the breath of the past
Inside the voice of the universe, inside the first and the last
They're reminding us of the beautiful and reminding us of the way
In which our souls can find true peace inside the night and the day

There are ways to hear the Eternal Ones and ways to hear the love
Descending  from the eternal place, from the highest realms above
But it isn't with the ear plugs in and it isn't through the multimedia
The voices of the Eternal Place are heard apart from the vast hysteria

So venture off from that familiar spot and venture out into the new
Let the spirit of the Eternal One take you into the realms of you
There inside your spirit's home and there inside of your shrine
You find the secrets of happiness and with the Eternal you'll dine.

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