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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Away from it all.....

The silence started to speak to me and so did all of the trees
There was a quiet whispering that was riding upon the breeze
Apart from all of the hurried-ness and away from all the fuss
I tapped into the mysteriousness that keeps calling out to us

For inside the tiniest portion of time and within the tiniest seed
I could hear the echoing of the One who fulfills our every need
And like the waters from a fount or the rain drops from the sky
Messages from the Infinite One were refreshments  I couldn't deny.

So  there inside  my solitude and inside the moments most still
I stayed until the secret-ness of Eternity touched my will
For the impressions I was receiving there: the soundings entering in
Left me inspired me to make  a resolve to return there again and again.

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