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Thursday, February 27, 2014

You were in God's plan

Before the world had ever started to spin
And before the universe could ever begin
God was already planning for you to be here
He saw your life and your birth most dear

Though years would come and go so speedily
And many eons would span before you could see
The daylight had danced upon your infant soul
Long before you'd be crawling towards your goal.

There are no accidents with the Lord most High
His Will is Forever and this no one can ever deny
That on planning the world He also planned for you
He saw you as important and all that you would do.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So much mystery passing through

The clouds lay heavy on the sky
While earth is letting out her sigh
The created beings still wondering
"What song or melody shall we sing"?

Trees stretch out with measured pace
And  drops of dew are sparkling grace
The simplest songs are beginning to rise
While symphonies unite earth and skies

Now the earth  in her silence keeps
And the wind with all  her wisdom leaps
The moments pass and the hours too
So much mystery is passing through

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Springtime is coming

The Spring time is coming, the robins are here.
The squirrels and the blue jays are jumping with cheer
Suddenly the weather is changing around
Winter will leave us and flowers will be found.

Signs of the new life are coming up quick
Buds line the tree limbs and grass become thick
Green starts to cover up the places once brown
Seedlings are sprouting and push through the ground.

Soon the new flowers will start to appear
The lilies, the tulips and the roses most dear
Wonderful insects with colorful galore
Will creep and will crawl on the grasses and more.

The season's approaching, soon it'll be spring
Time for the blossoms and the creatures that sing
The silence of winter will give way to some noise
The butterflies and beetles will raise up their voice..

Can you believe it: such wisdom, such ways?
Creation is blessing us and all of our days
Throughout every season and throughout every year
The Universe is supporting us and keeping us dear.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful morning, beautiful sun

Beautiful morning and beautiful sun
Radiating radiance of Eternity's One
Quietly shining and sparkling for all
Everything's echoing Eternity's call.

See, now, the creatures and all of the plants
Together they're joining in Eternity's dance
Created in harmony and in harmony they remain
All of the universe is creating a refrain.

Quieting the noises and softening the sound
Everyone is listening the Spirits around
Nothing is moving and everything's still
Creation is awaiting the Eternal One's Will.

Hushed are the moments and silent the way
The universe is uniting and welcoming day
All of the creatures and all of the plants
Are ready and eager to see morning dance..

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Away from it all.....

The silence started to speak to me and so did all of the trees
There was a quiet whispering that was riding upon the breeze
Apart from all of the hurried-ness and away from all the fuss
I tapped into the mysteriousness that keeps calling out to us

For inside the tiniest portion of time and within the tiniest seed
I could hear the echoing of the One who fulfills our every need
And like the waters from a fount or the rain drops from the sky
Messages from the Infinite One were refreshments  I couldn't deny.

So  there inside  my solitude and inside the moments most still
I stayed until the secret-ness of Eternity touched my will
For the impressions I was receiving there: the soundings entering in
Left me inspired me to make  a resolve to return there again and again.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Angel guardians will escort me through

The songs of angels are echoing deep
My soul hears melodies it wants to keep
From early morn until the dark of night
Spiritual guardians are giving me light

Though storms and catastrophes may arrive
And  I may be uncertain of how I'll survive
There is one thing that's certain and true
My angel guardians will escort me through.

When there are no answers for what is wrong
And my spirit is searching but finds no song
The eternal protectors from way up  high
Will touch my spirit and teach me to fly.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This hypnotizing flow

As I wake up every morning I take a glance outside
And ask the Spirit of the One to touch my soul inside
I savor all of the sweetness and the appearance of the day
And ponder over the universe who's brightening up the way

I can hear the chirping sparrows and  feel the gentle breeze
I can even notice the whispering song of the barren trees
The sky above me is majestic and is shouting out "I'm blue"
The wind around me is whispering an Eternal "I love you"

Everything about me is singing out: the world is all aglow
I cannot help but be pulled inside this hypnotizing flow
There's something about it so unifying one cannot be "afraid"
The Spirit of the Living One is inside everything's He's made.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If only I could help you see hope once again

Hearing you crying, has left me in tears.
I wish I could erase them, all of those years:
All of those heartaches; and all of those pains:
Everything you've suffered let go like the rains.

The depths of your being you have opened to me
I can feel it within me, that sorrow and agony.
It holds you a victim to the past deep within
If only I could help you see hope once again.

Your worried about crying and letting out all..
Don't hold back those teardrops: let them all fall.
You're broken by history that has happened to you
Healing can happen if you're wanting it to .

So let out those secrets you're holding within
Don't worry about anything: let healing begin
Reveal all those monsters, those abusers and thieves
Everything that's crippled you: that no one else sees.

Once you've exposed it that wounded-ness inside
You'll know such a freedom and experience such pride
For healing will touch you like the gentlest of breezes
And you won't be that person who continuously freezes..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where's the race...

Seeping through the window a tiny ray of light
Dances on my pillow and dispels the dark of night
Whispering with the breezes and singing in the air
Morning birds are echoing the theme of lasting care

Earth is slowly waking but her children quickly rush
Despite her gentle urging they cannot seem to hush
Caught up in the whirlwind of the economic haze
Everyone seems to be running but there isn't any race

Coffee's in the one hand and the schedule's in the other
There isn't any time for the moments start to  smother
Beneath the rushing atoms of our constant flow of "must"
Do we even realize how many treasures turn to dust?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Love will triumph

No more fighting, no more wars
No more hurting or military stores
No more violence, no more hate
No more arguing until it's late

No more tattling, no more lies
No more smoke to cloud the skies
No more cursing, no more guns
No more comparing each others runs

No more battling, no more meth
No more allowing another's death
No more greed,  no more elite
No more toppling another's seat

No more quabbling, no more stress
No more destruction of happiness
No more more mockery, no more tears
No more robbing one of one's years

Now's the moment now's the peace
Let the negativity decrease
Love will triumphant, Love will win
When the violence stops within.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Too long have you been limping....

Are you back there in a memory that has brought you many tears
And crushed by the reminder of so many hurtful years?
You cannot see the present as a hopeful loving place
When you're stuck in a moment that holds yesterday's disgrace.

I can see you as you're struggling with that brokenness inside
You want to do much better but you can only run and hide
You do not have to carry all that awfulness within
Your healing is so important; so  let the operating begin.

Once your brokenness is brought out and your spirit is repaired
A certain sense of victory will be felt and also shared
You'll  see the world around you in ways you've never known
And healing will be that garden in which your new life can be grown

Do not hesitate to do this: this great kindness to your soul
Let healing find an entrance and transformation be your goal
Too long have you been limping along this long and windy way
Letting go of what was hurtful will bring you to your better day.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My good morning

Good morning dearest creatures that romp around outside
How wonderfully you inspire me and move my heart inside
Good morning dearest sunshine; good morning pouring rain
How wonderfully your appearance can make me forget the pain

Good morning, barren pine trees, and skies so dark and gray
Though all your colors are dismal, they have so much to say
Good morning, sleeping universe: blanketed by the frost
You shiver in silence beneath it. Your beauty has a cost.

Good morning, all you elements: discreetly you do fall
Everything comes together to benefit us: one and all
Good morning quiet spirits, minerals and the plants
We all can't wait till springtime;  for then you'll rise and dance.

Good morning,  all you readers, wherever you might be
So glad you can come to join me and see what I can see
Perhaps you will also sing it,  a canticle for the day?
What words will you put together; what greetings will you say?

Friday, February 14, 2014

The wintry chill

The morning brought a winter breeze
And it danced upon the shivering trees
And all the birds were all around
Singing and pecking the snowy ground.

The sky above had clouds so white
And the morning star shared her light
The chilly temperatures bit the hand
And frosty blankets covered the land

All the earth was silent and still
As circling wind streams  left a chill
The stormy weather did her best
To leave her  impressions on  the rest.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't you know how hurt you are?

Oh don't you know how hurt you are?
You walk around with such a scar
All your actions and all you do
Reveal the  hurts inside of you..

You've never sought it; for you would not:
A healing for the pain you've got
Instead you've hidden it:  deep within;
And it gets reopened again and again.

Oh won't you allow it; allow some care
To heal and soothe those wounds you bear
You guard them cautiously day after day
But fail to see that they're in your way.

The years keep passing; so does time:
So I write  for you this little rhyme
Let go of those secrets let go of the pain
Be free from those hurts that continue to drain

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Like a diamond in the mine

The whispering chill of winter could be frightening to one and all
But if one listens carefully one will hear the gentlest call
It opens up our intellects and illuminates the freeze
For the gentlest sounds of winter are the strength for all the trees.

The falling flakes of winter create the softest purest white
We see in them the Heavens and the moisture of delight
Breaking the silent stillness that transforms this time of year
The frosty fallen snowflake shows us more than we can hear.

The tendency in the winter is to focus on all the  fear
Warnings and disasters are too often what we will hear
But if we would stop to notice the carefully crafted design
Each snowflake would be sought after like a diamond in a mine.

Everything that is about us is a beauty we're needing to see
If we start to notice this we'll  let go of the "suppose to be"
For behind the dreaded elements and within the deepest sea
Are the secrets of the universe and they await us: you and me.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Little child, broken being...

(help stop child abuse)

Little child, broken being:  hurt and huddled all alone.
I can see you. I can hear you. You feel rejected by your own.
You are weeping, you are crying, you are reaching out for care:
Who will help you? Who will save you? Who will take you out of there?

Many pass you, and many see you; many are those who walk away.
You are tiny, you are helpless; you're  not knowing what to say.
Always trying, always crying, always called "the little fool"
You are craving, you are desiring that someone notice you in school.

All the teachers; all your school mates; all the people in your day:
See the bruises, see the scratches; see them all and just walk away
Yes, they're silent, non-respondent never doing much at all
"Not their problem not their child not their responsibility or call."

So you are suffering and you are lingering in the agony of every day
Always weeping, always crying, always hoping it will go away
Someone's heard you, someone's seen you, someone's sure to be the one
Who will save you and  remove you from that place where hurt is done

If you're reading and understanding; and feel that you yourself are aware
Of some child who's broken badly won't you do something: show you care?
Pick up the cell phone,  drive to an office: speak to someone who you know
Be that hero,  be that person who stops  the abusive parent's show.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starting this morning

Simple things like a daffodil
Can awaken my heart to the spiritual
And every cloud that's way up high
Can create a place for my soul to fly

When in thought with our mother earth
My words are freed and given birth
Something mystical falls like rain
And creativity transforms the plain

Every creature and every plant
Lets out its melody and its chant
Softly sounding and touching deep
The spirit is moved inside to weep

All around us outside and in
Eternity's whispering: "let's begin"
Listening deeply and loving all
We can hear our destiny and our call

Starting this morning,starting right now
Be this your promise and your vow
To see the beautiful and the love
And be open and ready to soar above

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I hear the sound of the ancient ones

I hear the sound of the ancient ones I hear the breath of the past
Inside the voice of the universe, inside the first and the last
They're reminding us of the beautiful and reminding us of the way
In which our souls can find true peace inside the night and the day

There are ways to hear the Eternal Ones and ways to hear the love
Descending  from the eternal place, from the highest realms above
But it isn't with the ear plugs in and it isn't through the multimedia
The voices of the Eternal Place are heard apart from the vast hysteria

So venture off from that familiar spot and venture out into the new
Let the spirit of the Eternal One take you into the realms of you
There inside your spirit's home and there inside of your shrine
You find the secrets of happiness and with the Eternal you'll dine.

Whispering inside the moments

Whispering inside the moments that are opening up each day
The Eternal Spirit is speaking  to us and  has so much to say.
Echoing inside the breezes, and riding inside the air:
Eternity is brought so close to us; we can feel it everywhere.

Not with the sound of the worldly ones; not with the camera flash:
Does the Almighty come out to us;  for He's not in the flow of cash
He comes to us inside the spiritual and comes to us deep within
So if we're going to notice Him we'll  have to let silence begin.

So we'll back away from the daily route and we'll back away from the noise
And enter into the  quiet space where we can hear the Eternal voice
There inside of  the desert place and there inside of the silent ways
We can talk with the One Who Always Is and allow Him time and space.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Let Me in

I feel the hurts you hold within
And see the pain that wears you thin
If only you would let Me in
Then all your healing could begin

All those tears you shed at night
All those heartbreaks all that fright
Holds you anchored to a way
That won't let Me in or let Me stay

I feel the hurts you hold within
And see the pains that wear you thin
If only you would let Me in
Then all your healing could begin

I saw the sorrows that you knew
Heard the news that pierced you threw
You were wounded through and through
I was watching waiting for you

I feel the hurts you hold within
And see the pains that wear you thin
If only you would let Me in
Then all your healing could begin

Turn your inward gaze on Me
Let Me look and let Me see
All that hurt and misery
I will heal you set you free

I feel the hurts you hold within
And see the pains that wear you thin
If only you would let Me in
Then all your healing could begin

The morning view

How beautiful the sky that is opening up for us today
Bright and blue and wonderful is her  beauty on display
The splash of golden sunbeams that are  sailing across the air
Create the pattern and masterpiece that everyone wants to share

Hushed the breezes and sounds that are opening up the day
All the universe is waking up and she dresses with bright array
Creatures of the earliest light are moving and dancing around
The trees and plants and elements are contributing to the sound

A wondrous symphony of created ones and a masterpiece of love
Creates the springboard for the soul who reaches for Heaven above
We have the choice to appreciate and have the ability to choose
Whether or not we will participate and take in all of these views.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's right here.....

Taste the sweetness; feel the air:
Touch the beauty, everywhere.
Hear the silence; watch the earth:
All the  world is giving birth

Walk with reverence; sing with ease:
Let the universe give you peace.
Notice everything; pass by none:
Feel the radiance of the sun.

Earth is speaking, soft her voice:
Choose to hear her.. it's your choice.
Slower your movements, slower your pace:
Withdraw awhile, from all  this race.

Time is passing, forever is here:
Let go of timing;  let go of fear.
Eternity's waiting; eternity's now:
Change your tempo, your pace somehow.

What's the hurry, what's the fuss?
What boils within you: makes you cuss?
Peace within you;  peace so near:
Change your vision; all is clear.

Try this mantra, try this phrase
Every morning, all your days:
"All is peaceful, all is love
All is gift from the Great Above."

Look around you; look in here
Heaven's kingdom is so near
Not so distant,  not so high
It's right here, not in some sky

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Let there be light"

The night wind was whispering and the moonlight danced around
Thousand of tiny atoms were moving inside a silent sound
An aura like many moonbeams was carried upon the  wings
Of countless angel spirits who with them, the morning brings

The hush about was moving and it pierced the spirits within
The dawn was about to break open the silence of earth again
Nudging the restless winged ones and pushing the creeping ones
The morning breeze was waking up the Eternal Ones daughters and sons.

Stretching across the horizon with an illuminating display
The span of the morning astro was creating the light of day
While silently pushing the remnants of the nightly shade away
The morning star was rising up with an ever glowing array.

Gone were the shadows of darkness that lingered throughput the night
Silenced the nightly breezes that keep heralding the coming light
Present the glorious morning surrounded by the Omnipotent one
And everyone presently awaking to the sound of the glorious sun.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let me hold you as you cry

You feel so broken and confused
Because by people you've been used:
While taking all the good you give
They're making fun of how you live

The flowing tear drops on your face
Tell me things time can't erase
Hurts and sorrows deep within
Show themselves again and again.

You've looked  for honesty this is true
Too many people have wounded you
Believing in some who've come your way
Has left  you empty and led astray

There have been angels passing through
Who've been so faithful and friend to you
They sought for nothing but to give
A hopeful smile to help you live

So when you're lonely and afraid
Feeling abandoned and betrayed
Know that I'm here and I'm your  friend
And I'll stay beside you until the end.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Who will protect the children...?

Little ones so fragile and small beings robbed of life
How is it you're so young yet experiencing so much strife
You're as innocent as the universe and as beautiful as the dove
Yet your parents choose to hurt you and sadden the angels above?

Your clothes are neatly hanging; your smile could warm the sky
Yet beneath the outward appearance is what others would pass by
A broken wounded childhood and a child who feels alone
Pretending everything's so perfect while terrors are at home

How many out there like you:  how many have known this fate?
Can we not try to help them; before it becomes too late?
The world is filling  up steadily with these children of the lash
Their walking wounded people whose childhood took a crash

They're around us in our neighborhoods and in the places we teach
They're reaching  for our attention but we ignore their reach
They're little ones from the wealthy and little ones from the poor
They're at our places of worship and in the grocery store.

What will we do to help them? What will we do to insure:
That they can enjoy their childhood and not suffer and endure?
We are the ones with the power and they  the ones without
Will we keep on ignoring the bruises that scream and shout?

We campaign to save the creatures and we campaign to save the trees
We strive to protect the oceans and the creatures of the seas..
Will we not protect the children who are innocent as they talk?
They grow up right before us and we are blind to how they walk?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I stand inside the food-stamp line

I stand inside the food-stamp line
And know some day that I'll be fine
But also know  my presence here
Has made me feel the things I fear.

Those who see me stop and stare
Shake their heads and act unfair
Passing words that cut me deep
I feel ashamed and want to weep

Some speak of taxes paying the way
For  lazy people throughout the day
But fail to see that many have tried
To find some work and  were denied

If some with all their smugness would
Reach out to employ us as they should
We wouldn't have to be inside this  line
And food-stamp recipients would decline

So next time you judge the food-stamp folks
Reach out to relieve them from their yokes
For it isn't always so fun to  hear
That they're the "scum" you won't go near!

You stand condemning everyone...

You stand condemning everyone
And censoring people one by one
But never stop enough to see
You're stuck inside your misery

You claim to be the very best
And think that you're above the rest
But never dare to see the mirror
That shows your image loud and clear.

You think that you're the only one
Who can give some value to everyone
And so you  walk around and sneer
At struggling people far and near

You snarl at poor ones like a beast
And begrudge the ones who cannot feast
But you with riches could not care
That those you judge would always share.

So what's the answer to your fate?
Change your ways before  too late
You're no different then the rest
Life will end for worst and best.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The universe is singing out

The universe is singing out to everyone around
She is shining out her beauty with such melodic sound
Inside the trees and creatures and inside the ground and sea
A melody is rising up to inspire both you and me

The silence of the early dawn has turned into a song
And creatures of every species have opted to join along
The sparrows and all the bluejays and even the winding snakes
Have joined the rising universe who sings out as she wakes.

Hear them as they're singing out: the creatures one and all
See them as they're dancing now:  the great ones and the small
The trees with all their stature and the violets with their grace
Are joining with the morning as she blesses time and space..

This poem could keep on going on and speak of more and more
But then it wouldn't leave you room to go outside and explore
So this writer is stopping now and leaving you, your  time
To ponder about the universe and to try your hand at rhyme.