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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm not gone...

Though tears may fall right now my dear
Just know that I am not ever really gone from  here
And while the pain of letting go is raw
I know you'd be happy knowing I'm in this endless awe

I run and romp around the way
And there's never a night here only an endlessness day
I don't suffer and I don't have to cry
My Heaven is wonderful and  it's unlike anything seen by human eye.

I know your heart is feeling  sore
But I want you to move on now and not  grieve for me any more
For this emptiness you're experiencing inside
Is only from realizing the love we had and couldn't ever hide

I am not gone now: no I'm still right here
But you will have to start seeing me in a different way my dear
In your memories deep and your heart full of love
You'll keep me beside you and merge the earth with the heavens above.

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