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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If we would allow our souls to see

Soft the blanket of white that rests on mother earth today
Crisp and cool the beautiful sea of white that's on display
Long the silence that echoes throughout the early morning air
A seasonal supply of snow has been left around for us to share.

The skies are clouded with the heaviness of a stormy day
And there are signs of another dusting of snow on its  way
So much beauty comes from this mixture of ice and frosty chill
It's good at times to let it touch our hearts and move our will

Words are flowing out like the fallen snow upon our mother earth
The sight of  fallen frost is a perfect place for a poem's birth
Would you join with me in letting out a little bit of your creativity?
What would you compose or create if you would allow your soul to see?

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