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Friday, January 31, 2014

The silence was beckoning

The morning came early and woke me from sleep
The warmth of the blankets my soul could not keep
So rising I pondered with wisdom and light:
Why should I rise up when all seems like night?

The silence was beckoning and calling my name
The surroundings were familiar but no longer the same
Whispering with the rhythm of the circular clock
The angels were gathering and  engaging in talk

There must have been motive and reasoning for this:
Pulling me  from slumber to ponder such bliss:
Something so spectacular and glowing with light:
A host of many angels were invading my night

Words were not spoken with  soundings I know
But rather were rhythmic and in a coded flow
Sparkling with the essence of all who are Divine
I now hold their  messages in this  poor heart of mine.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Take time to breathe

The moments are passing and time is slipping away
Tomorrow isn't here yet; so, let's live for today
Too often,  we're missing the beauty of the now:
We're rushing and we're racing: No resting we allow.

The clocks keep  on ticking and measuring our pace
We look at them so often; they're all over the place
We cannot be restful for there's so much to do
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all this wasn't true?

The days is just breaking; but, it's already done.
We're packed up and ready and just waiting to run.
Our schedule are set up to  measure out time
We haven't any moments for dreaming or rhyme.

The pace is so hurried that our moments are gone
We lay down to rest and we're  planning for dawn
Already we're thinking of what needs to be done
Tomorrow hasn't come yet but we've already begun.

The cycle keeps turning and we run round and round
We're becoming so defined  by all that we've found
If only we could stop all of this routine and this race
We'd discover there's beauty and understand grace.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If we would allow our souls to see

Soft the blanket of white that rests on mother earth today
Crisp and cool the beautiful sea of white that's on display
Long the silence that echoes throughout the early morning air
A seasonal supply of snow has been left around for us to share.

The skies are clouded with the heaviness of a stormy day
And there are signs of another dusting of snow on its  way
So much beauty comes from this mixture of ice and frosty chill
It's good at times to let it touch our hearts and move our will

Words are flowing out like the fallen snow upon our mother earth
The sight of  fallen frost is a perfect place for a poem's birth
Would you join with me in letting out a little bit of your creativity?
What would you compose or create if you would allow your soul to see?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm not gone...

Though tears may fall right now my dear
Just know that I am not ever really gone from  here
And while the pain of letting go is raw
I know you'd be happy knowing I'm in this endless awe

I run and romp around the way
And there's never a night here only an endlessness day
I don't suffer and I don't have to cry
My Heaven is wonderful and  it's unlike anything seen by human eye.

I know your heart is feeling  sore
But I want you to move on now and not  grieve for me any more
For this emptiness you're experiencing inside
Is only from realizing the love we had and couldn't ever hide

I am not gone now: no I'm still right here
But you will have to start seeing me in a different way my dear
In your memories deep and your heart full of love
You'll keep me beside you and merge the earth with the heavens above.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dearest Cosmo: For a friend whose kitty went to the next life

Dearest Cosmo, precious kitty, special light for many years
Now you've left and we're crying: many streams of flowing tears
We remember and recall you: you've been through so very much
Little Cosmo we will miss you : don't forget us: keep in touch

Death is passing and life's forever we will meet you once again
You were precious and so priceless we will keep you deep within
Dearest Cosmo you're an angel now you're in your sacred rest
You're surrounded and in peace now with the company of the blest

Spirit of the ancient ones

Dancing on the winter wind, singing through the breeze
Wisdom of the universe and wisdom of the trees
Touching all the elements and touching earth and sea
Spirit of the ancient ones breathing breath in me.

Echoing through the atmosphere, singing in the air;
Whispering all the mysteries: ever ready to share.
Untouchable by intellects, yet open to the mind
Spirit of the ancient ones: peace in You I find.

Painting out the masterpieces: colorful as can be
Giving color to everyone and everything I see
Life of life to everything and life of love to me
Spirit of the ancient ones I've  found my destiny.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I hear in my spirit...

I hear in my spirit the call of my  home
Far away up above me where  many spirits roam
All of us are so united and all of us are so one
Some day we'll be together divisions will be done

I see in the universe a glimpse of the above
It's sparkling and radiant and echoes endless love
Something about the vision of the early morning sun
Reminds me of the blessedness awaiting  everyone

I honor in each person the spirit that is Divine
It is the uniting connection between your heart and mine
Though miles may separate us and religions interfere
When I listen to you speaking its my spirit that i hear.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something great is happening

There's a sweetness in the breeze that touches me within
It's calling out to me and challenging me to begin:
"Let go of all the yesterdays and let go of all the past"
Something keeps on echoing: these things will never last

I'm hearing in the wind gusts, the voices of the Divine.
They're telling me to ready this inner heart of mine.
Something great is happening, something never seen:
The Eternal One is creating a new and perfect scene                                                                        

The universe can see it and the creatures are aware:
Something is transforming my world with greatest care.
Nothing can describe it, though feeble words will try:
The Almighty is transporting this soul from  earth to sky.

Friday, January 24, 2014

I will learn to be still

I will learn to be silent and I will learn to be still
I will  listen to wisdom and I will silence my will
With all of the universe I will try to unite
For all of us are one in the Infinite One's sight.

I will wrestle with musings and taste of the light
I will touch upon secrets kept hidden from  sight
In the absence of wanderings: in the vacuum of love
I will learn of the mysteries that fall from above.

I will keep myself busy in  the gardens within
And run from the noises that keep wearing me thin
I will sing with the sparrows and hum with the wind
For there's always a symphony just waiting to begin

Come listen to this melody and sing with the wind
Come taste of the sweetness;  let freedom begin
Let go of the yesterdays: we'll start with today
So much has been waiting; it's coming your way.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

You never saw inability....

You never saw my inability
Or spoke of my disability
But chose to see the possibility
And led me to the best in me..

Though I stumbled through the day
And fumbled for the words to say
You were there to lead the way
And moved the obstacles away

You never saw my inability
Or spoke of my disability
But chose to see the possibility
And led me to the best in me..

When the others jeered at me
And spoke of how I could not see
You took my hand and walked along
And brought me hope where there was wrong

You never saw my inability
Or spoke of my disability
But chose to see the possibility
And led me to the best in me

Now I can look and  I do not see
The wrong and broken things in me
But rather can see the possibility
Because you took the time with me

You never saw my inability
Or spoke of my disability
But chose to see the possibility
And led me to the best in me

It's not important now to me
What some others seem to  fail to see
Because I carry potentiality
And that will never cease to be.

You never saw my inability
Or spoke of my disability
But chose to see the possibility
And led me to the best in me

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Always around us

The sound of millions of heartbeats are echoing through the air
And thousands upon thousands of angels are tending to them with care
Sighs and sorrows are rising up along with our laughter and cheer
Everything that can seem so distant to these guardians is ever near.

The unknown and struggling widow who is miles and miles away
Is never too far to be assisted by the angelic lights of the day
And the softly weeping child, who feels unfortunate in his or her lot
Is instantly before the the vision of the angels who haven't sought.

The mysteriousness of these beings and the quickness of their speed
Should make us ever ready to call them with our every worry and need
They won't ever be so unresponsive that we feel that they don't care
But rather they will always surround us and be with us  everywhere.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Always with you ...

When you're frightened and unsure
And your vision starts to blur
I will come with all My Grace
And carry you through that awkward space

When the pain is long and deep
And you find it's hard to sleep
I will bring the healing balm
And fill your soul with peace and calm

When the road is dark and long
And you far from being strong
I will be the strength you need
And through the darkness I will lead.

When you're happy and okay
And the sun fills up your day
I will sing and dance with you
For I've been with you through and through.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bring your secrets

I have heard you in your sorrow and in your brokenness inside
You've been wounded and are hurting. There is no need to hide.
Bring your secrets, bring your sufferings. Yes, bring them all to ME
I will heal you, I will see you, I'll remove your misery.

All that nonsense, all that cruelty, all that pain you've been through:
I have seen it, I will remove it, I will be a Haven just for you
Take my Spirit, take my Wisdom, take my Silence into your heart
I will stay there, I will live there, I'll give you another start.

It seems hopeless, it seems useless; you are feeling it cannot be
After a childhood and your heartaches: you are saying you cannot see
I'll give you vision, I'll give you clarity, I'll give you all you need
You need only ask it and desire it and give Me permission to intercede.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shake off the shackles...

Oh, couldn't we all be a little bit more kinder
And to the faults of others be a little bit  more blinder
Wouldn't it be possible to  reach out to all  with love
And get rid of the class separation we keep speaking of?

What's wrong with spending a little bit more quality time
With the hurting person who isn't costing us a cent or dime
Why is it that we are so slow to be there for the broken one
Are we not able to go beyond what has already been done?

The world is weeping beneath the sound of our hurried pace
We pass through this life as though it were some sort of race
We miss so much of the beauty that's in our atmosphere
Because we're plugged into the nonsense; we simply cannot hear.

How about breaking the routine of run around for just one day
And change up the schedule that seems to keep getting in our way
Shake off the shackles of should dos and it's never been done
Allow yourself the freedom of being the first one to touch the Sun

Saturday, January 18, 2014

You shy away from the sacred

You shy away from the sacred like something that's out of style
And the mentioning of a mystery makes you back away for awhile
What is it about the infinite and the eternity of endless day
That makes you less a seeker and a searcher for another way?

The things that are so attractive and so interesting to you
Are things like the catastrophe and the building blown in two
You run out towards the terrible and are glued to the violent screen
But when it comes to the Omnipotent you are absent from the Scene

How is it that you love the temporal so much more than the Divine
And how is it you cling to the emptiness of things with passing shine?
Don't you know  that the measurement of everything that's from this earth
Is less than the single Whisper of the One who gave the world its birth?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Moments are escaping and minutes don't show

Softly He whispers into the depths of my being
Moving me to transpose all that I'm seeing
Without using wording or the sound of a voice
The Spirit is speaking without making noise.

Challenging and urging me to motions most still
The Eternal One is inviting me inside of His Will
Flowing like an ointment inside of my veins
The Almighty One is pouring down graces like rains.

Hear how He's whispering and hear how He sings
A melody is sounding. What healing it brings
Touched by the Infinite;  my soul starts to glow
Moments are escaping and minutes don't show.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I hear music

I hear in my spirit a melody that won't end
It whispers and echoes an inspirational blend
Without thinking or trying, I start to compose
The words begin flowing: my inner spirit glows

The music's inside me though I don't understand
I hear rhythms and melodies  without any band
Like water that is flowing or a river that'll run
The poetry flows through me and it isn't ever done.

If you listen inside you I'm sure you will hear
Something you are meant for: it'll all be so clear
For like music that is flowing and words that appear
You mission's inside you and is waiting for you dear

There is beauty

There is beauty, there is wonder, there is a life time to be seen
There is  sunshine, there are willows, there are miles of clouds serene
There is mystery, there is discovery, there's so much we still don't know
There are moments, there are hours, there is time to love and grow.

There is morning, there is evening there's a space so full of stars
There are planets, there are orbits, there is healing from all scars
There's a tomorrow, there's a last year, there are times we won't recall
There is laughter, there is sadness, there is One who loves us all.

There is friendship, there is bonding, there is a need to give and take
There are heartbeats, there are people, there is an ability to remake
There are handshakes, there are promises, there are people with lots of power
There are endings, there are beginnings and there'll be a final hour.

There is an artist, there is a poet, there are musicians of every kind
There is an inspiration, there is creation, there's a use for every mind
There's  a reason, there's a calling, there is a direction for every soul
There is a finale, there is a fiesta, there is an arrival at one's goal

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm here to help you

I feel you, your sorrow, your weeping heart inside
I see you, your heartache, and all you have to hide
I love you and your kindness and your willingness to give
I'm here right beside you and will help you as you live

I've heard it: the rumors: the things they say of you
I stopped it in my presence for I know it isn't true
Sometimes some are jealous: say that you are wrong
Just know that I know you and will help you get along.

Your loving and your sweetness is beautiful as can be
You reach out without measure to everyone you see
The cost of such loving and the price of being kind
Is that others will watch you and  see what they can find.

I'm here and I'm your angel and I'm with you to the end
I'll guard you and I'll protect you and I will be your friend
The path that you're walking may twist and turn around
But you will never walk it solo for you and I are bound

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How can we not know?

The earth is waking up from its sleep
It yawns and it sighs so long and deep
The sun is sending out its warming rays
We see; we feel; we offer praise

The wind is singing out through the trees
The softest melody rides through the breeze
The swaying of the plants so rich and green
Creates a healing and a soothing scene.

The trees are stretching out: oh so tall
Their shade; their beauty delights us all
The creatures the elements they all unite
The universe is one beneath God's Light

How can we not see it how can we not know
That the Almighty One loves us all below
The great ones, the small ones; yes everyone
Is cherished and loved by the Eternal One.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Sometimes the days seem cloudy and then the sun comes out for all
You begin to look for the rainbows but then the rains begin to fall
Not everything can be  sunshine and not everything can be rain
You'll have those moments of laughter and also those moments of pain.

Sometimes you're wanting some sweetness but you end up with all the sour
And at times you're wanting to hurry up but then find you must wait an hour
Life throws out to us the challenges we least likely would ever choose
Things seem to be appearing dreadful but then they becomes the  good news

Life is a mixture of elements and many colors make up  this world of ours
There is a light for the daytime and for the night time there are many stars
Everything about the universe seems to be the pairing up of   the opposites.
What seems for others to be out of place for  others are perfect fits

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whispers in the wind

I heard the early morn waking with the crispness of the breeze
And I saw the squirrels jumping around the bases of the trees
The sparrows and jays were singing and they were happy as can be
The morning was serenading as the dawn whispered tenderly

The rays of golden sunshine were stretching across the morning sky
While puffs of shapely clouds were dancing around as they passed by.
The trees were tall and barren but breathed out their inner song
And all the waking universe was inviting me to join along .

The silence of the morning seemed to speak softly to my heart
While the mysteries of the universe wanted me to slowly  start
For echoing within each moment and apart from all the noise
Is the wisdom of the Eternal One and the presence of His voice

Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's really not so much

Too much to do too much too much
It hurts my head to think of such
But I'll just do things one by one
And then my work will all get done

Too much to say too much too much
I am way too shy to speak as such
But I'll break through my inner ice
And all my words will flow out nice.

Too much to think too much too much
But thoughts inspire the creative touch
So I will open up inside my inner mind
And explore the things I see and find.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The gentlest breeze calls out to me

The gentlest breeze has called my name
And has breathed God's spirit into my frame
It has left inside me: this world divine
There are no others who can give such shine.

The sounds of earth have called me today
With songs of nature and creatures at play
There's nothing artificial; nothing too loud
The universal concert rarely draws a crowd.

For those who hear it: this sound so pure
There is no competition or noise to allure
For once inside it,  this symphonic sound
Transformations take place: souls are bound

While others may run over here: over there
Seeking their happiness and looking everywhere
I haven't the need for this continuous run
For I've found my happiness my search is done

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The winds will speak

The time has come for the winds to speak
The Lion and the child will both be meek
The enemies will laugh and both shake hands
The earth will shake and create new lands.

The hidden will appear in the brightest light
The famous will fade into the darkest night
The wronged will heal and the strong will weep
The hour is coming to rise up from our sleep.

The flowers will bloom while the frost is near
The spring will sing and the grass will clear
The oceans will empty and the earth will sink
The wise will be foolish and not able  to think.

The stars will fall and the skies will smoke
A glance will restore the hearts once broke
A sound will announce the beginning of all
The  angels will carry the Eternal One's call

All time will cease and the clocks will unwind
The history of all will flash through the mind
The voices will soften and actions will speak
A new earth will rise up  a new world will peak.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

There's a beauty

There's a beauty; there's a wonder, there are untold views of love
There's a  wisdom; there's a vision; there are echoes from above
There are mountains; there are valleys;  there are crevices deep and wide
There are deserts;  there are meadows;  there's an eternity outside.

There are flowers; there are creatures;  there's a landscape to unfold
There are breezes; there are rainstorms; there's a morning star so gold
There are sunsets; there's a night sky; there's an early morning glow
There's a creation; there's a universe; there is so much love to know.

There's a whisper;  there's a heartbeat; there's a life that's coming to be
There's a mystery, there's a Creator;  there's a moment for you and me
There's a silence;  there's a hushing; there is a spirit that moves us all
There is a binding, there's a unity, there's a Oneness that is our call

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Choose carefully who will heal you

I know that you are hurting and that the pain is so very deep
And that the burdens you are carrying are way too much  to keep
So don't keep them  to yourself and don't you keep them all inside
For the sorrows  you are knowing are not something you should hide.

It's not about your weaknesses and it's not about your pain
But it's all about the scarring and the after effects that remain
I know you're feeling courageous; and you're feeling awful strong
But everyone has a breaking point; you cant keep like this for long

There is no shame in the sharing of the secrets you kept inside
But not every open ear  should be a witness to what you hide
For there are some so shameful that they'll run with what they know
And will use up all of your hurting  to create their selfish show.

So choose carefully who will heal you and choose carefully your guide
Select with  consideration the ones you're willing to  let inside
For not everyone who is a healer is the healer that's meant for you
The Spirit will let you know when the right one's coming through

Monday, January 6, 2014

Let me touch the bright blue sky

Let me touch the bright blue sky at the start of a new day
And let me hear all the words that the busy wind has to say
Let me hear the softest serenade that comes from the morning dove
And let me dance with the universe as she sings her song of love.

Let me rise with the waking sunshine as it announces the new dawn
And let me appreciate the beauty of a doe with her new fawn
Let me never close my eyes when the earth begins to shake
And let me understand the visions that greet me when I wake.

Let me be open to every wonder that is echoing through the breeze
And let me taste of every treasure that falls from the fruited trees
Let me understand the greatness that is calling this heart of mine
And let me wade inside the wisdom from the Eternal Heights Divine

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dawn awakens me..

A certain chilliness is nipping away at me
As I merge into the day that's waiting to be
The coffee's brewing and filling the atmosphere
With  a subtle fix to the wintry weather here.

The sun hasn't yet broken through the sky
Yet a rhythmic sound   moves the moments by
There's something mystical about the start of day
Nothing can ever take this mysteriousness away

Before the noises of life ever creep into the morn
Creativity and inspiration are both equally born
Waiting to be welcomed into the hungry heart
The poetic artist in me is ready to start.

How is it that the first moments of your every day
Find you readying for what will come your way
Are you immersed inside the shuffle of endless noise
Or listening quietly to the sound of Eternity's voice?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I will be a voice

I will be a voice for the many voiceless
I will be the advocate for those who weep and cry
I will remind the people of their many choices
Righting wrong is something that I'll daily try.

So many times I've  heard the sound of people weeping
Crying out about the wounds that they're daily keeping
Too many times the blindness of  others passing
Has encouraged the wrongdoers in their harassing..

I will be a voice for the many voiceless
I will be the advocate for those who weep and cry
I will remind the people of their many choices
Righting wrong is something that I'll daily try.

Can't you hear the little ones as they're crying
Hungry for the attention that  others keep denying
Children : the future of our long awaited tomorrow
But what will come of it if today is only sorrow?

I will be a voice for the many voiceless
I will be the advocate for those who weep and cry
I will remind the people of their many choices
Righting wrong is something that I'll daily try..

Can't you see the many signs that are appearing all around
What judgments do you form and so freely sound
Are you so smug with  all of your many acquisitions
That you can shrug them off with so many admonitions?

I will be a voice for the many voiceless
I will be the advocate for those who weep and cry
I will remind the people of their many choices
Righting wrong is something that I'll daily try.

There is more to this world...

 There is more to this world than the world of me and mine
And there is more to our vision than our own outward shine
Yes there's more to our living than the seeking of our fame
And there's more to our existence than the acquiring of a name.

If we would look all around us we would see an endless sea
So many are the faces that are looking back at you and me
We are one of the many  millions, a part of the greater whole
We are not the sole survivors but are all pieces of one soul.

So we must not be so selfish in the holding on to what is ours
We shouldn't be so boastful like we're some sort of movie stars
Rather we should be seeking out daily the unity of everyone
For then we'd  be completing what the Eternal One had begun.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The crowd of walking wounded....

The crowd of walking wounded is calling out to  me
Though many see just people I can see wounded history
Many are carrying stories and are waiting to be found
Walking without an answer; souls are waiting to be unbound

The sea of countless wounded has no end for us to see
They're standing right beside us and are crippled as can be
Hiding inside their movements of their endless here and there
People are needing healing and are in need of urgent care

We mustn't be so heartless in our judgments of one another
The people we stand condemning are our sister and our brother
Walking without expressions,  as they try to hide their pain
These souls are needing healing and not needing our disdain.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

You have a choice

Can you hear it beneath the humming of all that worldly drama and noise
That soft whispering that's echoing the secrets behind a wiser choice
Can you accept it, that you are called to a greatness you have yet to reach
Will you allow it:  the spirit of eternity to enter within your heart to teach

Take some moments for this is a once in a lifetime mission you're invited to
You can resist it completely or embrace it as something you should really do
You have but one calling and one destiny that has been planted within your heart
And it is for you to hear it and see it before all the opposing attractions start

Are you willing to take the quiet time necessary to hear this calling that's deep within
Will you hush up all of your movements and actions enough for this revelation to begin
It's not going to invade you like some rebellious army trying to take over your space
But will encourage you to make yourself available for this moment of unforeseeable grace.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Brand New Day, A Brand New Year

A brand new day and a brand new year
Another start we have right here
A cup of tears and a cup of joy
A mixture of life we can employ

Days of sunshine and days of rain
Day of laughter and days of pain
Sometimes happy and sometimes sad
We'll get along when times are bad

Two thousand fourteen's finally here
And two thousand thirteen is now last year
We're looking forward;  we're looking back
We're keeping a record and making a track.

So much is happening and so much to do
We're making the history: both me and you
We can't stop moving and we can't stop time
Clocks keep on ticking and making the rhyme

The greetings of the new year will all pass by
And two thousand fourteen will quickly fly
So let us not linger and lets not  lounge  right here
For we have too much work to be loafing this year.