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Saturday, December 21, 2013

We are so privileged

Up in the sky each morning announcing the start of day
The brightest star of our universe is ready to dance and play
Sending out to us its rays most warming and smiling across the sky
The morning star's  ever so ready for another day with you and I

See how its warmth is inviting and how its sparkle's a delight to see
How awesome to think that this phenomenon was created for you and for me
Yes the Eternal One Ever Most Loving has created everything out of pure love
And then entrusted it all to our stewardship to be faithfully taken care of

We are the privileged recipients of the Eternal Ones outpouring of grace
We can choose to make of it something creative or let it all go to waste
How wonderful to know that we're so honored, so thought of by God above
That we should be appointed the guardians of all  of His Creative love.

Let us not overlook all of these treasures these miniature splashes of love
Let us not pass this world superficially like we haven't the time for such stuff
For in doing so we would be so insulting to the Omnipotent One's Majesty
The One who took all the time needed to create this universe for you and for me.

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