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Friday, December 27, 2013

This year's promise

Ribbons and papers and bows all around
Christmas is over and remnants are found
Cleanup has started but sparkles appear
As tinsel is lifted and memories draw near

Another year's ended and a new one's to come
People are regretting the things left undone
New resolutions and the promises appear
"Things will be different; I promise: this year"

Bottles are brought out with laughter and cheer
People are gathered to welcome the New year
"No more of this habit and this time: it's true;
I'll keep all my promises the whole year through.

Would it not be much better if we started each year
With the simplest of embraces and a bottle of cheer
It isn't so necessary that we are  voicing out loud
Promises that are impossible before such a crowd

We make of the holidays much more than they are
We throw out the manger we forget about the star
It's all about the price tags, the wrappings, the glow.
People are more concerned about making a show.

Wouldn't it be more wonderful if upon ending this year
We could see life more differently and things would be clear
About what is of value and what's not needing to be
If on starting the  New Year we resolved simply to see?

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