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Monday, December 16, 2013

The nights would no longer go away

The nights would no longer go away
And the stars were no longer able to stay
The darkness covered all the earth
And the seasons ceased to bring  rebirth

The smog around was thick and wide
And people feared the happenings outside
The time had come that was spoken of
The end of peace and the end of love.

Though warnings came out loud and clear
People were too busy; they couldn't hear
The prophets spoke and they testified
But,  words, they were like the wind outside

Then it happened: the sun didn't rise
And the   darkness  covered all the skies
The moon and the stars were nowhere around
The earth was enveloped by a frightening sound.

The people were wondering about it all
Was this the end and  who should they call
The power lines set up by their own hands
Were snapping in two like old rubber bands.

To make an amends it was  too late
There wasn't any time for words ornate
It was a world that was sinking quick
Enveloped by evils and clouds so thick

The angels were waiting for some outside
But from that darkness no one could hide
So to  reach The Eternal  the good would wade
Through all the nonsense  being displayed.

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