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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Night He came....

Moving through the trees was the whispering of the wind
And every time it spoke it was moving the earth within
And all the plants and elements were dancing upon its sound
While creatures were listening carefully: secrets would abound

Without the use of directories or schoolbooks tightly bound
People from every nation could sense the beauty all around
For riding upon the breezes and singing throughout  the air
The Universe heard its Majesty and felt His Presence there.

It was such a mighty appearance and the greatest rush of air
That carried the World's Creator to the Universe unaware
For while it was in darkness and immersed in foolish noise
A whispering sound announced Him and His place of choice.

Behold Him in the manger ; among the dung and beast
The One who holds the Universe; the One who gives the feast
Helpless and so vulnerable unlike any  Earthly King
The Omnipotent One who made us: without home or anything...

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