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Sunday, December 22, 2013

If you are feeling helpless and are burdened by deep pain

There's a whisper in the wind and its calling out your name
It's echoing out a message that things won't stay the same
The pains of yesterday will remain there in the past
And the present situation will be gone and will not last.

If you are feeling helpless and are burdened by deep pain
Know that everything is passing; there'll be a new refrain
The song that you've been singing with its theme so full of fear
Will change to something different, like the changing atmosphere.

The sun will be more glorious and will warm you deep within
You'll find that inner courage to pick up your hope again
The things that you aspired to will no longer seem so far
And you will be victorious and become that shining star.

So do not waiver from your thinking that goal within your mind
Though things are seeming shaky a stability you will find
In the moving slowly forward and the surrendering of your will
Everything will come to completion every hope you will fulfill.

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