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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A voice for the wounded children

Did you not know it: that I was your little child
And could you not stop them: all those angry hits so wild
Did you not foresee it, all the trauma that I would know
And did you not care that I'd be carrying so much hurt below

Did you not conceive it all the memories I'd be carrying
And how for so many years so much  anguish I'd be burying
Did you not think that the nightmares would overtake me
And keep me from maturing..did  think this when  you beat me?

Did you ever wonder why after so many years have passed me by:
Why am I so quick to shiver and why am I so quick to cry
Had it ever started to phase you:   what resulted from so much pain
How I'd always have to  struggle and what scars inside me would remain?

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