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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It is the end of another year....

It is the end of another whole year
So much has happened to bring us here:
We've known some laughter;  we've know some pain
We've known the normal and moments insane

There's been some bests and also some worsts
We've felt we were blessed and also were cursed
There's been some upset and also some joy
We were seen as angels and as folks who annoy.

With all that has happened: we're all still alive
Ready for the Near Year: equipped to survive
The old year, now ending has brought us all here
So to  you and your family:  Happy New Year.

A voice for the wounded children

Did you not know it: that I was your little child
And could you not stop them: all those angry hits so wild
Did you not foresee it, all the trauma that I would know
And did you not care that I'd be carrying so much hurt below

Did you not conceive it all the memories I'd be carrying
And how for so many years so much  anguish I'd be burying
Did you not think that the nightmares would overtake me
And keep me from maturing..did  think this when  you beat me?

Did you ever wonder why after so many years have passed me by:
Why am I so quick to shiver and why am I so quick to cry
Had it ever started to phase you:   what resulted from so much pain
How I'd always have to  struggle and what scars inside me would remain?

Monday, December 30, 2013

What motivates you?

What are your motives, what moves you within
What kindles your fire each day you begin?
Are you thinking of others or thinking of you
What's fueling your actions; what motivates you?

The start of each project, the start of each day:
What thoughts are you thinking what words come your way
Are you motivated by ego  or motivated by love
When you're starting each morning: what are you thinking of?

The most perfect of performances, the best you can do
Will come from the heart that is selfless and true
Not motivated by ego or even   by whim
The greatest of accomplishments are motivated by Him

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Like a million diamonds

The sound of the pouring raindrops was echoing from my window sill
It woke me up from my lingering sleep and created such a soothing appeal
The rush of the wind blowing behind this shower moved me  deep within
A peaceful rhythm of a  downpour can always helps my thoughts begin.

The crawling droplets of running raindrops were painting pictures on my window
I could  see so much beauty ,so much artwork from my place upon my pillow
Though it seems like a bunch of splashes of water tossed without a care
I know that rain is like God's messenger and it is carrying love everywhere.

Sparkling like a million diamonds and hoping that we will come to see
The beauty of each droplet and how important each one can come to be
Carrying all of Eternity's lifeline of hope from the portals Above
Raindrops fall to carry us a message from the Eternal Ones Heart of love.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Night He came....

Moving through the trees was the whispering of the wind
And every time it spoke it was moving the earth within
And all the plants and elements were dancing upon its sound
While creatures were listening carefully: secrets would abound

Without the use of directories or schoolbooks tightly bound
People from every nation could sense the beauty all around
For riding upon the breezes and singing throughout  the air
The Universe heard its Majesty and felt His Presence there.

It was such a mighty appearance and the greatest rush of air
That carried the World's Creator to the Universe unaware
For while it was in darkness and immersed in foolish noise
A whispering sound announced Him and His place of choice.

Behold Him in the manger ; among the dung and beast
The One who holds the Universe; the One who gives the feast
Helpless and so vulnerable unlike any  Earthly King
The Omnipotent One who made us: without home or anything...

Friday, December 27, 2013

This year's promise

Ribbons and papers and bows all around
Christmas is over and remnants are found
Cleanup has started but sparkles appear
As tinsel is lifted and memories draw near

Another year's ended and a new one's to come
People are regretting the things left undone
New resolutions and the promises appear
"Things will be different; I promise: this year"

Bottles are brought out with laughter and cheer
People are gathered to welcome the New year
"No more of this habit and this time: it's true;
I'll keep all my promises the whole year through.

Would it not be much better if we started each year
With the simplest of embraces and a bottle of cheer
It isn't so necessary that we are  voicing out loud
Promises that are impossible before such a crowd

We make of the holidays much more than they are
We throw out the manger we forget about the star
It's all about the price tags, the wrappings, the glow.
People are more concerned about making a show.

Wouldn't it be more wonderful if upon ending this year
We could see life more differently and things would be clear
About what is of value and what's not needing to be
If on starting the  New Year we resolved simply to see?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's one of those nights

I can't breathe in freely; its one of those nights
Memories keep coming in like flashing of lights
No one to talk to me and no one who will care
Is anyone out there is anyone there

Why don't you understand it the feeling of alone
Alone on the holidays and no one will phone
Everyone is preaching to me: how easy it is
All of those memories no longer exist

So I sit in my blanket I'm unable to breathe
My spirit is wavering and seeking reprieve
I beginning to wonder if I will ever heal
I keep on hoping for something that's real.

Christmas is for all

Sounds of the season are sounding all around
While children with laughter and joy can be found
Opening their presents that they've waited to see
Everyone is gathered around the holiday tree.

Sparkling and glowing with their wide open eyes
Little ones are gazing at their gifts with surprise
Older ones grateful for whatever they've gotten
No one is lonely and no one is forgotten

The reading of Scriptures: the Story of the year
Is echoed throughout many households with cheer
They hear of a Baby without comfort or clothes
And of the two humble parents the Almighty One chose

Reminding the listeners who festively rejoice
The truest of meanings that should always find voice:
That a Baby was born in a Bethlehem Stall
So that Salvation could come to one and to all.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Silent Night Holy Night: what wonders you will know

They hadn't any room for them, for that humble travelling pair
For the census had been taking place and people were everywhere
Mary and Joseph would travel on; they knew the time was near
"There is no room for you with us" was the only thing they'd hear

Silent night holy night what wonders you will know
The Creator of the universe has come to earth below

The night was cold and damp and dark and chilled them deep within
They knew they had to hurry up:  the birth was soon to begin
Despite the coldness of that night and the painful words they heard
Mary and Joseph kept the  faith  and called to mind God's word

Silent night holy night what wonders you will know
The Creator of the universe has come to earth below

Finally finding a willing man who would open  up to them a place
Mary and Joseph settled down and blessed that manger space
Strewn about was straw and hay  and a stench was in the air
Animals greeted them with a grunt and watched the two in prayer

Silent night holy night what wonders you will know
The Creator of the universe has come to earth below

The  moment had come for God's own Son to see the world outside
And Mary gave birth to her baby Boy and with tears of joy she cried
Wrapping Him up in swaddling clothes and laying Him in some hay
Mary and Joesph looked upon their Babe  who created the day.

Silent night holy night what wonders you will know
The Creator of the universe has come to earth below

Monday, December 23, 2013

There won't be any rich or poor ones...

We are all created equally each one of us loved the same
Before the start of creation the Eternal One knew our name
Though society has its  distinctions its classes of every kind
The Eternal All Loving Spirit sees all equal in His mind

There aren't any rich or poor ones; any elite ones up above
Everyone is inside that Spirit and everyone is inside that Love
There aren't any doors or windows or any walls to close you in
In the Place that's ours Forever, love alone keeps us within

So put away those grandiose ideas about  Heaven  from long ago
It's not like an enormous banquet where the rich and poor ones go
But rather like an eternal ocean where we all will become a part
Each one contributing to Eternity a love that won't ever depart.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

If you are feeling helpless and are burdened by deep pain

There's a whisper in the wind and its calling out your name
It's echoing out a message that things won't stay the same
The pains of yesterday will remain there in the past
And the present situation will be gone and will not last.

If you are feeling helpless and are burdened by deep pain
Know that everything is passing; there'll be a new refrain
The song that you've been singing with its theme so full of fear
Will change to something different, like the changing atmosphere.

The sun will be more glorious and will warm you deep within
You'll find that inner courage to pick up your hope again
The things that you aspired to will no longer seem so far
And you will be victorious and become that shining star.

So do not waiver from your thinking that goal within your mind
Though things are seeming shaky a stability you will find
In the moving slowly forward and the surrendering of your will
Everything will come to completion every hope you will fulfill.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I don't need any more sermons ( a challenge to think)

I don't need any more of your sermons 
no more invites are needed to adore
For I've found the Creator of the Universe 
and haven't need for anything more

You may build for Him the grandest of buildings
and coat it with the purest of gold
But if the people inside are all backbiters
what's the use: if I might be so bold.

I don't need any more of your sermons 
no more invites are needed to adore
For I've found the Creator of the Universe 
and haven't need for anything more

You claim to have found the Messiah
and shout out all  your lofty Amens
Why then are you not all more accepting
of the Eternal Ones created friends?

I don't need any more of your sermons 
no more invites are needed to adore
For I've found the Creator of the Universe 
and haven't need for anything more

If you're wondering where are all the people,
why aren't there more  coming to adore?
Perhaps it's because of how they'be been treated
by those who have faithfully entered that door

I don't need any more of your sermons 
no more invites are needed to adore
For I've found the Creator of the Universe 
and haven't need for anything more

We are so privileged

Up in the sky each morning announcing the start of day
The brightest star of our universe is ready to dance and play
Sending out to us its rays most warming and smiling across the sky
The morning star's  ever so ready for another day with you and I

See how its warmth is inviting and how its sparkle's a delight to see
How awesome to think that this phenomenon was created for you and for me
Yes the Eternal One Ever Most Loving has created everything out of pure love
And then entrusted it all to our stewardship to be faithfully taken care of

We are the privileged recipients of the Eternal Ones outpouring of grace
We can choose to make of it something creative or let it all go to waste
How wonderful to know that we're so honored, so thought of by God above
That we should be appointed the guardians of all  of His Creative love.

Let us not overlook all of these treasures these miniature splashes of love
Let us not pass this world superficially like we haven't the time for such stuff
For in doing so we would be so insulting to the Omnipotent One's Majesty
The One who took all the time needed to create this universe for you and for me.

Friday, December 20, 2013

This invisible illness

I'm laying here quite awake now; while most of the world is fast asleep
A restlessness has quickly overtaken me and  I'm finding I cannot sleep
What can I do but rise up from here and be distracted from my  pain
I'm in the company of angels and with them I shall find peace again.

It's hard for me to keep on going with this invisible source of pain
I know that these pains are really real pains. They come to me again and again.
It's hard for me to keep on with all this hurting that never seems to go away
But I trust that with God and with all his  angels I'll make it through each day

Some say that they understand me, that they understand what I'm going through
But I know that this isn't even possible, because my illness is understood by so few
I carry a burden that's really quite heavy, it makes me feel awkward in the crowd
I find the shouting of so many voices is quite a challenge when it gets more loud.

I have this pain and this incurable illness that won't let me forget that it's there
I feel embarrassed by my own inability whenever it creeps up on me. It isn't fair.
I find it challenging to miss so much of my life's happenings:  so much of what I could do
Instead I must learn to be content with the knowing:
                      this shall be with me my whole life through

Thursday, December 19, 2013

All he ever really wanted ....

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

Something about that quiet darkeyed boy whose smile was always so very bright

Told the other children that he was around that something about him just wasn't right
His clothes were always the same ones as before and his hair was always like a ruffled nest
No matter how much he would apply himself to school a C would be for him his very best..

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

He was always the last one chosen in the line when it was time for all to play a game

People never really paid much attention to this boy he was treated by everybody the same
And when he would return back to his home from school he would run into his room and hide
Something there was certainly more frightening then any  treatment than he felt on the outside

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

Then the father showed up from his place of work and started to wield again that angry hand

The boy who was hiding in his secret safe place was always discovered and made to stand
While he was receivng the lashes  from a flying belt until he would  drop limp upon the floor
The  father would then simply walk away not checking  to see about his boy so bruised and sore

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

He couldn't ever react to life like  others could and he couldn't even feel like the others ever felt

He was the child who was apparently troubled to the core; but only he knew the reason was that swinging belt
He wished he didn't have to go back to his home from school anymore and he wished there was some other place
But there was too much shame for him to cry out for help and he was too afraid of  his father's angry ways

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

Then it happened that one day he found a friend and it was a stranger he came upon while in the street

He somehow felt it was safe to tell this stranger of his plight :  this unknown person he chanced to meet
It seemed so miraculous that he should meet this unknown man after all this man didn't shout or scream
He even invited him to have a scrumptious meal with him and finished it off with the largest bowl of ice cream

All he ever really wanted was to hear someone call him out by his own childhood name

And all he ever really needed from anyone was to be selected for a childhood game

Now this boy is always seen out on the streets and he can always be found in his  circle of friends

But the type of life he had traded his old life for is not one  known for the loftiest of trends
Something about  being with people who said they cared made all the terribleness of this new way
Like a piece of heaven on earth for this boy and he can still be found living this same life of crime today...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Could we, for a day...............

Could we, for a day, not tell another how to be
Could  we accept for a day another's individuality
Could we, for a moment, even forget  "what we should be"
And accept for a moment what it is to "be truly free"?

Too many times we're led by the ideas of the crowd:
Whatever is most popular;  whatever is most loud.
But could it even happen that we would step outside the line
And defy the rules of normal; a new normal try to find?

Wouldn't it be a miracle if one day we would all awake
And no one would ever criticize  the path we chose to take
And wouldn't it be just wonderful a start to something new
If anyone who was critical was more supportive of what you do?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Christmas night, the Night of nights

As we kneel before the Christmas crib we think of how much love
Moved our God to come to us from  that Greatness Up Above

On Christmas night, the night of nights: the heavens and earth were one.
A mother gave birth to a little Child Who in turn would bless everyone.

The lights  upon the Christmas tree remind us of that   first night
When shepherd boys and mighty kings were directed by a star so bright

On Christmas night, the night of nights: the heavens and earth were one.
A mother gave birth to a little Child Who in turn would bless everyone.

The Christmas Carols we sing each year remind us of that Choir
That  heralded people to that place where so much mystery did transpire

On Christmas night, the night of nights: the heavens and earth were one.
A mother gave birth to a little Child Who in turn would bless everyone.

The giving of gifts by everyone to the big ones and to  the small
Reminds of that Precious Gift that the Eternal One gave to us all

On Christmas night, the night of nights: the heavens and earth were one.
A mother gave birth to a little Child Who in turn would bless everyone.

And so we celebrate it every year: the birthday of God's Son
And share that happiness we feel within until the day is done

On Christmas night, the night of nights: the heavens and earth were one.
A mother gave birth to a little Child Who in turn would bless everyone.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The nights would no longer go away

The nights would no longer go away
And the stars were no longer able to stay
The darkness covered all the earth
And the seasons ceased to bring  rebirth

The smog around was thick and wide
And people feared the happenings outside
The time had come that was spoken of
The end of peace and the end of love.

Though warnings came out loud and clear
People were too busy; they couldn't hear
The prophets spoke and they testified
But,  words, they were like the wind outside

Then it happened: the sun didn't rise
And the   darkness  covered all the skies
The moon and the stars were nowhere around
The earth was enveloped by a frightening sound.

The people were wondering about it all
Was this the end and  who should they call
The power lines set up by their own hands
Were snapping in two like old rubber bands.

To make an amends it was  too late
There wasn't any time for words ornate
It was a world that was sinking quick
Enveloped by evils and clouds so thick

The angels were waiting for some outside
But from that darkness no one could hide
So to  reach The Eternal  the good would wade
Through all the nonsense  being displayed.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

When the end shall finally come

When the end shall finally come and the last trumpet shall start to  sound
The young men will be dreaming dreams and many visions will be found
But the world once so highly spoken of in  Genesis as so good
Will be weeping before its Creator for not  always acting as it should.

The people will all be out in the buying mode in the world of me and mine
And there won't be too much sharing then for all will be trying  to outshine
The understanding of the word of God and the things that last forever
Will be replaced by the temporal and they'll  mention the Eternal One never

And though there'll  be promises of happiness across the screens so wide
People will be starving for something more than these promises can't keep inside
So in the end when the trumpets sound and the mighty angels start to sing
People will be coming and going around and clinging to almost anything

It wouldn't be Christmas without

Bows and ribbons and a tree to trim:
So much to buy for her and for him.
Christmas is coming and it's almost here.
How shall we celebrate this coming year?

People are coming and going around.
The malls are full of things to be found.
Traffic is greater and the sounds are  loud
It's hard to get through the Christmas crowd

The carols of Christmas are playing again
We deck the halls and we gather within
Family and friends share the good cheer
It's time to be with the ones we hold dear.

With all the celebrating let's not forget
To keep a reminder or  a small statuette
Of the Baby whose birthday had started it all:
The reason for Christmas: a Baby so small

Though giving and getting is part of this day
The real Christmas Gift you don't give away
Rather you share Him with memory and song
And call Him to mind as the day goes along.

It wouldn't be Christmas without that first cry
That came from a manger on a cold wintry night
Completely forgetting His Greatness and Might
The Eternal One came down  to give us His Light.

So we are all  festive every year at this time
And many are the words that can come out in rhyme
We celebrate each other and we celebrate with love
The greatest of all miracles: God's Gift from Above.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lost childhood

The sound of the belt  as it cut through the air
Still echoes in my mind though I'm no longer there
The humiliation and pain that I inwardly felt
Still sings in my memory when a nightmare is delt

Nothing can erase it and nothing can excuse
The years of abandonment or childhood abuse
Others  may deny it and religiously explain
But nothing can excuse the imposition of pain

Denial is a cover up but this is what's true
As a child I was beaten and appeared black and blue
Smacked around daily and  knelt through the night
I was burnt with a lighter and cursed unto fright

Time is a healer but it wont  ever erase
That period of time that others won't face
Silencing the speaker or avoiding me at cost
Won't ever return the  childhood I lost.

Friday, December 13, 2013

So now she sleeps our mother

Frosty the crystals that fall to the ground
A thin layer of white is seen all around
"Winter is coming", the creatures will say.
"Let us make ready for chill comes our way".

Frozen in time now, the plants, once so green,
Sleep in the winter; how somber the scene.
Appearing so lifeless, yet lifeless they're not:
Plant-lets and trees respond as they ought.

See how the squirrels are gathering their food
Scrambling and digging and working as should
All of the universe is as busy as can be
Preparing for the winter and all it will see.

Soft are the soundings that rise from the earth
Rest is what's needed if Spring brings rebirth.
All of the colors once strewn everywhere
Are replaced with the tones of a wintry air.

So now she is sleeping our "mother"  again
Growing in the silence that's deep down within
Waiting the rousing of the seasonal wind
That tells  her of Springtime and flowers again.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Signs and Seasons

The trees have dropped their leaves and the colder weather's here
A quieter sounding universe is whispering sounds so dear
The Autumn's nearly ended and the winter winds are singing
No one really knows what this new season might be bringing.

The crows are singing loudly and the squirrels are gathering food
Creatures of every species are all preparing as they should
The earth is lightly covered by the golden leaves now  fallen
Something in the atmosphere is singing the end of pollen.

The skies are looking brighter and the stormy clouds are few
The golden rays of sunshine seem more radiant coming through
Something about the winter wind is bringing the ravens near
And the seasons that are changing are changing what we hear

So listen very carefully and take some  notice of whats around
Every season will have its message and every season its own sound
Every season will have its whisper and every season its own song
We can choose to be partakers and we can choose to sing along.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I will be your comfort

I know your heart is breaking I can see it in  your eyes
Someone has hurt your deeply I can hear it in your sighs
Ah my dearest dear one; I will soothe away those cares
I will be your needed comfort and take away those  snares.

I have seen those silent teardrops. I've seen those flooded eyes
I have seen you in your seclusion and heard those silent cries
Though you're feeling awkward in this  world so full of cheer
Just know that I am your protector and that I am always here.

Come now and let me hold you in the radiance of this hour
I will surround you with my presence and be your needed Power
I will be your guardian angel and your friend whose ever true
All  that I'm really needing now is an invitation from you...


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In the company of angels...

The day, it slipped right by me and I had no time to write
But the spirit spoke inside me saying "things will be all right"
So I took to my little safe place and I slowly began my rhyme
And before I could speak or whisper the poem was keeping time

I saw the stars and the angels and I saw the sky above
And my soul was moved within me as I rode  the wings of love
How could I be so privileged so privileged to see and  live:
The portals of the Great Eternal the place where I desire to live

It wasn't  like any of those pictures or those paintings trimmed with gold
and there wasn't a bearded creature with an appearance grim and old
But the Heavens I chanced to gaze on were like the radiance of a light
And hundreds and thousands of spirits were all calling  me with delight.

I didn't  know what to make of it and wondered if I was here or there
I could see so many glowing auras: they were speaking to me like prayer
My spirit it seemed to be flying but my feet they never left the ground
I was hearing a symphony of music but it was unlike any earthly sound

So as quickly as I had entered into there so quickly was I to return
But the memories of that  visit is making me want and yearn
For a time when there isn't a time piece and a place where now is  forever
As nothing on this earth can match this for nothing on earth is forever..

Monday, December 9, 2013

Earth's end..

Before there were structures or politics or rules
Before there were temples or buildings or schools
The creatures they worshiped on pure earthen floors
And found all their happiness outside grocery stores

But as all the advancements and improvements came in
It competed with happiness and the spiritual within
Promising accomplishments and holding out pure gold
The universe was traded for products that were sold.

Settling with the lesser and the sparkling facade
Creatures began worshiping things other than God
They created their structures, their empires galore
They worked endless hours not knowing what for.

Sleepless and lifeless they gained all their fame
Everyone forgetting the most Sacred of Names
Not knowing their emptiness and  vacuums within
The people kept on searching and buying upon whim

If only they realized these patterns they had formed
They'd turn back, at once, to their innocence transformed
But all of these trends and these noises so loud
Kept  them in  patterns brought on by the crowd.

Tis true there were some who did not these  ways
Some who were not fooled by the promise of praise
These are the ones who we're  seeing in the Light
They're entering the Kingdom with robes sparkling bright.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Shepherd's Story

They told me there was a baby who was also born a king
But he didn't have a palace or a home or anything
His mother was barely legal; and his father, I'm not sure
He was laying in a manger, not some royal architecture...

I decided within my being that I would venture off to see
This baby and his parents and this awesome mystery
But I hadn't a thing to give him, nothing suited for a king
I wondered to myself: what kind of gift I could ever bring

So I looked around my belongings and also among my sheep
I looked inside my bedding: I had some treasures there I'd keep
But nothing I could find would ever be found fitting for a King
So I decided to bring myself and  I would humbly try to sing

I've been told that I'm quite a singer and I sing throughout the day
As I'm pasturing all my father's sheep, I am singing along the way
There's not a thing I enjoy more truly, than a beautifully written song
They call me the singing shepherd; this is what helps me get along.

Once I had found that homely stable: an unlikely favored place
I couldn't  even believe my eyes for it was such a tiny space
His mother and his father, both of them, were close to the burning fire
And the babe, He was so  radiant: that the whole scene did inspire

I cleared my throat while trembling and I started out with a bow
But the mother kept me standing up: I felt appreciated some how
I sang to him of the starry nights and of the pastures I would tend
And sang to Him of the blessings of God that would never seem to end

As I was finishing my melody and making ready to bend my knee
There was such an aura of light that I could hardly even see
I looked about that humble place: of animals, parents, and King
And realized in that moment that the Heavens were touching everything

I stayed for quite awhile there but then I had to bid farewell
I knew that they had liked my gift; this  I could simply tell
I wasn't even wanting to leave them there; but I really had to go
For I heard a voice inside of me saying:  sing about what you know..

So I'm just one of the shepherd boys who happened along that day
And I was one who created a song though I didn't have words to say
I simply would sing out  my findings to everyone I would chance to see
And that is how I helped to spread the news about the Christmas Mystery

Saturday, December 7, 2013

If you're ready

Today I heard you as you were crying and I saw you broken down.
I could see your every teardrop falling down upon the ground
What could I ever do to help you, if you wouldn't let me dear
I am feeling all your heartaches and I am feeling all your fear

Won't you come a little bit  closer and not continue in your pain?
I know that you are really frightened and are feeling such disdain
I will take  you into My presence and I will let you feel secure
I am the Maker of your being and I know your needs: for sure.

But I am needing your willing spirit and I am needing your consent
I will never be imposing, though all  my graces are freely sent
I am the healer of your weeping and of those gaping wounds so deep.
If you're ready and you're willing, you can take that healing leap

Yes take that leap into My presence and put away your every fear
For too long  I have been waiting; I have been waiting every year
Knowing that you have been  suffering has given to Me an endless grief
But seeing that you're  finally listening has awakened a hopeful relief

Come then to this fount of Mercy come and find in Me your healing sea
Let Me wash those wounds so gaping let Me dress your soul with Me
I will be that shield around you and I will be answering Your every need
But you  must come to me most freely and you must be willing to let Me lead..

Friday, December 6, 2013

Do you have the time

Can you take a moment now; do you have the time
Can you taste the sweetness of a measured rhyme
Do you have to hurry up into your busy day
Can you take a moment now and watch along the way.

Have you ever noticed how each moment is brand new
Have you ever heard the sound of daylight waking you
Have you ever ventured out into the new dawned day
Have you ever listened to what creation has to say?

Can you give an essay on the passing of the sun
Can you touch the golden glow after the day is done
Have you ever reached out for a bright and shining star
Can you explain the reasoning behind the soul you are?

Have you ever sat and thought without really having to
Have you ever looked around and let nature soften you
Have you ever had the time to let your busy schedule go
Have you ever let yourself have the uncaring slow..

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

Bows and ribbons are everywhere
Sounds of laughter are in the air
People are running here and there
Christmas cards are sent with care.

Trees and lights make sparkling sights
Seasonal songs are filling the nights
It is the season of Christmas cheer
Distant loved ones are drawing near

With the hustle and bustle of time
It's easy to ignore the deeper rhyme
But paying attention to the spirit within
Will allow the spirit of Christmas in

For it's not in the running and racing around
Not in the ribbons and bows that are found
But in the act of giving without  cost
That the spirit of Christmas wont ever be lost

So as you are racing and running about
Keep yourself patient and don't ever shout
Lest in the trying to make up a season
You lose the true spirit without a good reason

It's not about quantities or even the price
But rather the fact that Jesus the Christ
Came like a baby:  so humble and poor
So  we could find Heaven and enter it's door

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mystifying Moments

Whispering through the breezes are the secrets of all time
And if you will listen to them,  you're sure to write some rhyme
For speaking to us so gently  with the words that no one hears
The universe is  revealing what can move the soul to tears.

As the sun is quietly rising and its radiance starts to glow
Countless beams of sunshine are warming us here below
Piercing the layers of atoms wh‎ile entering into our space
The morning star is engaging us with its energizing embrace.

Mystifying to our beings are the creatures from all around
Who welcome the newborn day with their most delightful sound
While inviting us into their chorus, the creative ones unite
To send up to the Heavens a song  that's sure to delight

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preparing for Christmas

Looking at the Christmas tree with all it's dancing lights
Makes me want to start to sing, my spirit it ignites
A toasty warmness comes over me and the songs from long ago
Start to sound out inside of me and proceed to overflow

Sing with me this Christmas song; oh, sing with me today
We're recalling an Infant King who brought us all a special way.

Decorating the home and tree and watching the shows so old
Reawakens in me, that lively joy:  my memories they unfold
I snuggle up with  blankets on and drink some Christmas cheer
What a blessings to recall this Babe: we celebrate Him every year.

Sing with me this Christmas song; oh, sing with me today
We're recalling an Infant King who brought us all a special way

Slowly I recreate all the scenes inside of my pondering mind
Then I proceed to look around for whatever I can find
Gently I place some hay around and surround it with some light
Then I lay the figurine that represents the Longed For Sight.

Sing with me this Christmas song; oh, sing with me today
We're recalling an Infant King who brought us all a special way

Now I know there are many ways to prepare for this special time
But I prefer the picturesque and those that lend to quiet rhyme
So don't be feeling  I'm challenging you to put aside your ways
But rather that I'm sharing with you how I  pass these special days.

Sing with me this Christmas song; oh, sing with me today
We're recalling an Infant King who brought us all a special way

Monday, December 2, 2013

Commercialized Christians

Here is a dilemma that I found myself in
Someone was claiming I didn't have religion
Yet they with their labels had enabled me to see
That religion without love just could never be

Yes they were out fasting and always in the pew
But when Sunday came around they were criticizing you
They had all of the faith of and were saved as could be
Yet loving and the accepting was something I didn't see

No matter the hours and the days without end
They could never accept me I couldn't be their friend
Their friendship was only for the privileged and the elite
Their worship was restricted and was for the discreet.

They shouted out their slogans and said all their "Amens"
But would never reach out to me:  they had their defense:
There'd  be papers to sign and some agreements to make
If I were to be one of them  there'd be vows I must take

Is this all the same stuff that I was reading about?
In the Gospel of Jesus you were not required to shout
Rather He was so inviting so accepting of the poor
The prostitute and sinner even walked through His door.

He didn't single them out for a congregation to see
The sinners and the saints were all loved so equally
What a long way  from the stable and the Cross
We're commercialized Christians : O what a loss.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A star still keeps dancing

Sounds in the stores tell us the season and the time
But not because they're wanting to be part of a rhyme
They're wanting your money and are making good use
Of the holidays and the holy days: oh what an abuse.

See how they were hurrying to deck all of the halls:
Way before you had even got rid of  your beach balls?
Use to be Thanksgiving when they were ready to start;
But now,  it's before Halloween:  they haven't a heart!

Not that there's anything wrong with the spending of money
But when you're herded like cattle that makes my eyes runny
The sign of the dollar and the busy sound of a machine
Is what Mall owners and runners think Christmas must mean

But, where is the baby Jesus and the ole Bethlehem stall?
Its out there being decorated  and being sold in the mall
Not like anything we've read of and  not like anything we've heard
Christmas has become something that's outside of the Word

Yet out in the night sky somewhere way up there high
A star still keeps dancing though many years have passed by
It's the star of the Christ child that keeps calling out to us all
Your Savior was born in a Stable and not in that shopping mall.