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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why didn't you ever love me, mom?

Why didn't you ever love me and why didn't you ever care

Why was it you had to beat me? Why did you pull my hair?

Why were you so abusive: why, so hateful to me each day

Was it that I was a reminder of all of your erring way?

So many times I would wake up afraid of the approaching day

I whimpered when you called me and tell me to come your way.

Didn't you ever wonder: how you were hurting me deep inside

The outside wounds are now healed but the inner ones I  hide.

Today I'm still can't function, or be all who I want to be

But I have made  a whole lot  progress despite  my frailty

Sometimes I  still hear you yelling still feel that awful pain

But I have begun my healing though the  nightmare remain.

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