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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When couples fall apart...

When you were honest things were alright
There was nothing to worry about in the night
But now that you have fallen into a new lie
You cannot be peaceful even though you may try

If you were more faithful, your love would be strong
But since you are not  things are turning out wrong
You cannot keep   pretending like you are all  there
With the memories of another one circling the air.

You struggle with conscience "hey, this aint right"
But the devil keeps deceiving you with his dark light
Reasons keep  popping up and appearing as true.
The love of your life:  seems like baggage to you?

How many the couples, in this challenging day
Are allowing their marriages to slip  right away
Somehow the promises of the misleading love
Are  blocking the warnings from the Heaven's  above.

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