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Monday, October 28, 2013

What matters

All around me all the angels were crying out to me
Take a look around you and see what you can see
The universe is turning and the air is vast and free
And if you are really wanting to you can also be...

But I was way too wound up to pay heed to what they said
I was way too involved with everything inside  my head
I had too many projects,  too much stuff was in the way
I couldn't even imagine what they were trying to say:

So I kept myself in whirlwinds and I ran myself around
I couldn't hear the angels through all  the noisy sound.
I tired out too easily because I bought and bought and bought
I thought I heard them whispering: "spend some time in thought"

Now I'm taking moments out for quiet and gentle peace
And leaving everything noisy to get some sweet release
Though it may seem unprofitable to back away and pray
Money can never buy me what Heaven has on display

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