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Saturday, October 5, 2013

What is happening with our world?

What is happening with our world now? What is happening to all of us?
We will beat our friends and neighbors and with our families we will fuss?
Is this the same ole universe  that the Almighty One made so dear?
What is this world evolving to?  We're becoming something we should fear.

Something is not so peaceful now; yes, something is needing to be fixed
Our values have all been compromised and our morals have become mixed
What is it that we're allowing here? Does it even make any kind of sense?
We're walking like time bombs : ready to explode. Everyone is tense.

Can't we see what's happening here or are we going to continue not to see
That everything we're allowing now is what we have hated in past history
So, why are we not going to stop this all and finally begin do what's right?
The clock is ticking like before and everything is not about the win or fight!

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