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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Unity will bring out the beautiful

There's a chilliness in the wind that is waking up this new day
I can feel the changing season and can hear all that she has to say
All around the falling leaves seem to be singing from where they lay:
"The Autumn winds are blustery but they are beautiful in what they say"

The squirrels are much more industrious with their activities today
They're gathering up a healthy stash that will keep the chill away
All the birds are busy in  preparation, for the winter is promising ice
The universe is ready for the coldness but she is looking really nice

See how all of the elements are falling into their proper distinctive place
Yet, everything's working together so that there's no  delaying or disgrace
The world around us is teaching us who will look upon her each day
That unity will bring out the beautiful in every thing that comes her way.

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