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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There's a twinkling in the dew drops...

Look out into the morning and see all that you can find.
Let the sweetness of the songbirds soak into your mind
The day begins with mysteries that are meant for you and me
Let us enter into the silence that will let them all be free.

There's a twinkling in the dew drops that are falling from the sky
A whisper from the flowers tells us we don't want to pass them by
All the world is beginning to rise up from the deepest darkest sleep
Oh, let us listen to this rhythm that can move the heavens to weep..

All the earth is finally roused and she sounds her symphony
Every creature and created being contributes his or her melody
We see the unity of the universe giving birth to each new  day
Would that we could be a continuance of this unity along the way.

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