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Monday, October 7, 2013

So come to Me when burdened...

I'll be here with you forever and help change your graying skies
And if you're feeling saddened I will dry your tear filled eyes
I will be your today and tomorrow and your hope without an end
I'll stay here right beside you because I am your faithful friend

Like an oasis in the desert I will quench your needs and thirst
When you feel that you're unimportant I will show you are my first
To Me your needs are precious and your every action: prestine..
Nothing is ever too petty and there's nothing that goes unseen.

So come to Me when burdened and when you're needing a Way
I'll be the Light your seeking and the words you need to say
I'll give you your every moment and the life you're hoping to live
I'll give to You all my Heaven and from My Heart I'll always give

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