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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mystic moments of time

Hushed the moments that are whispering before the break of day
While crickets, with their silent soundings, are creating a rhythmic wave.
Slowly inching into our moments, the most brilliant beams of light
Are winding around our new horizon and challenging us to sight.

Rousing up with all of the spirits the creative one does sigh
And from her yawn the universe wakens and touches you and I
Quietly circling around the orbit, a million seconds of time
Invite us into the cosmic world of  poetry and of quiet rhyme.

Mystic touches of the breezes are moving all time and space
And leaving us with the echoing remnants of Omnipresent grace
Each new morning like an infant is crying  out to us for care
Will we be responding with our presence or pretend we're unaware?

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