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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The end of time in rhyme

The winds they roared and  raised up a fuss
All the clouds they fought and began to cuss
Every tree was bending and the vegetation too
A storm was brewing readying to pass on through

All the earth was silent  and the showers they fell
There was no one around as far as I could tell
Like a mighty battle that was starting to roar
The Heavens were shouting "great things are in store"

The universe was waiting with great expectancy
Like a mother giving birth: it was waiting to see
What was this  sound that kept on winding around
All the stars of the sky were touching  the ground.

How somber the tone as  the world looked up
The greatest of all stars was seen  so close up
Twas the beginning of the end and the ending was near
For flames like a stream were in the  atmosphere


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