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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oh the bling

We put before ourselves the things that aren't so very healthy
And will sacrifice ourselves for the title of being wealthy
But with all this foolish striving we are left to feeling empty
Because what really matters in life has been blurred by what is trendy

We will rush into the maze that our society has carefully created
And will cling to all these things that have us so dazzled and elated
But after the high of having fades away into the dark of  night
We will begin to dream anew of the things we'll get when it is light

We are really a needy people who are always seeking  more and more
Even though we have it all we keep on looking for things to store.
We simply have to keep the pace  with all the rest  of them out there
Even though half of what we have we would never think of or even wear.

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