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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little children, broken children..

Little children, broken children: seeking only for some love.
Tossed and beaten while mistreated: they are angels from above.
Who will help them: all these small ones; who will be for them a voice?
Little children, broken children: being born was not their choice.

Little children, broken children: seeking for the right to live:
Who will take them to some haven; who has love they want to give?
See them weeping, bruised and beaten: shyly reaching out a hand.
Their poor bodies bruised by a violence  they don't even understand.

Little children, broken children: looking for a brighter day
They are beings with a heart ache that never seems to go away.
Who will help them, all these children: who will end the great abuse?
Only you and I, my reader, can take a stand if we so choose.

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