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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Every season has its rhyme

Little flowers are gently smiling in the fields now turning brown
Soon the Fall will come and scatter all their seeds upon the ground
Like the summer that's slowly fading they will enter into quietest sleep
Broken up into the tiniest pieces their seeds of hope are buried deep.

Sounds of nature rearranging filters through the changing air
Telling us that Autumn is coming : all her colors are everywhere.
Leaves are falling from their branches trees are looking awfully bare
Signs of the summer now departing fall upon us with  greatest care.

Take some notice as the seasons take their turn in  time and space
Mother nature will quietly whisper and one will take the other's place
How mysterious to us this motion of our universe in evolving time.
Every season has its very own rhythm and every season has its  rhyme.

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