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Monday, September 23, 2013

Before everything starts

The brightest morn has wakened me from my sleeping
And from all of the dreams that I had been keeping
Like a whispering friend who  has come forth with care
She has alerted me to the beauty that is everywhere.

Softly the breezes of the wind are beginning to sound
And touch lightly upon all that they are finding around
With the freshness of a flower who is bathing in the light
My soul is enveloped by One who can banish the night.

Can you see how the universe is finally starting to shine?
Doesn't it awaken in you feelings that are  so totally Divine?
For a moment can you feel how you can be lifted from this place
Into a realm where where angels are glowing with unmeasured grace?

There's something about the quiet that is the for-runner of our day
It holds inside it so much mystery and is always having so  much to say
Have you ever taken that time that comes up before your day would start
And listened to the whispering that is touching you so deep inside your heart?

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