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Monday, September 30, 2013

Put all those memories away

This hurt that you've been holding in: so very deep inside
Is keeping you from going out into the newness that's outside
And those tears that keep on falling down: splashing everywhere
Are echoing every secret your heart has never been able to share.

So weep now if you're needing to and let it out what's hurting you
It's not healthy to keep this all inside; believe me: this is true
Enough with all that worrying about what others may have to say
You are in need of all your freedom dear so put those memories away

Hang on then to what is helpful and not on to what was the painful past
Once was sufficient to have suffered such don't let that suffering last
You are so worth your life of freedom and don't need that hurtful recall
It only keeps you hostage to that painful time when you were small.

So weep now if you're needing to and let it out what's hurting you
It's not healthy to keep this all inside; believe me: this is true
Enough with all that worrying about what others may have to say
You are in need of all your freedom dear so put those memories away

Many will have you keep inside that time when you were small and hurt
But what value would you find inside those moments you felt like dirt
Enough for you was that painful time enough that period of trauma
You need not submit yourself again only to awaken you heart to drama

So weep now if you're needing to and let it out what's hurting you
It's not healthy to keep this all inside; believe me: this is true
Enough with all that worrying about what others may have to say
You are in need of all your freedom dear so put those memories away

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Angels

Gentle are the whispers, with which the angels like to speak.
They touch us in our spirits, with a wisdom that's unique.
Mystically they are present, in everything that we  do.
Whenever we are uncertain, angels point to what is true.

Angels are those guardians, who surround us with their shields.
They gather fruits and flowers from our multi cultured fields.
Watching over our actions, with the most pure and immortal light:
Angels guard our thinking, and  help make everything alright.

Without an invitation, the angels respond before we call
They carry away the heartache of the great and of the small.
Singing with a sweetness they seek to soothe the broken one
The angels are our companions and their work is never done.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Peace is waiting to be found

The whole entire universe has been knit together as one
Yet we spend so much time trying to make this come undone
We were never meant for fighting or for warring here or there
Our hearts were made for loving and our souls were made for care

There is so much need for harmony in this world of ours today
There's  need for some solutions there's got to be a better way
What's going on with all of our thinking that we end up in a war
Something needs to be changed if its peace that we're hoping for.

All across our nations there is a struggle for the ultimate power
We keep on plotting and we're planning for that one triumphant hour
Yet whispering behind our endeavors and echoing deep inside the air
Peace is waiting to be found by those who'll finally let go and share.

Friday, September 27, 2013

We are all brothers and sisters

We are all brothers and sisters every one of us near and far
It doesn't matter our skin color; doesn't matter who we are:
We all have inside us the same Spirit that helps us breathe
So let us be kind and loving and do nothing to deceive.

Every one of us is a being with a soul that should be free
We should never try to  destroy it or to deny one liberty
We should strive to be ambassadors of every soul upon this earth
Insuring freedom and rightful dignity for every person from ones birth

We are all brothers and sister so I'm repeating it once again?
It doesn't matter about our preferences or the color of our skin
We should always strive to be loving and  cordial to all we meet
Whether we're in another country or with our neighbor down the street.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The end of time in rhyme

The winds they roared and  raised up a fuss
All the clouds they fought and began to cuss
Every tree was bending and the vegetation too
A storm was brewing readying to pass on through

All the earth was silent  and the showers they fell
There was no one around as far as I could tell
Like a mighty battle that was starting to roar
The Heavens were shouting "great things are in store"

The universe was waiting with great expectancy
Like a mother giving birth: it was waiting to see
What was this  sound that kept on winding around
All the stars of the sky were touching  the ground.

How somber the tone as  the world looked up
The greatest of all stars was seen  so close up
Twas the beginning of the end and the ending was near
For flames like a stream were in the  atmosphere


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The universe has been weeping

The universe has been weeping, her heart is wounded sore
Many of her precious children will see the light no more
We've become a world of fighting: where too many hold the gun
The universe is slowly dying: just look at what we've begun

There once was a peaceful sharing and a gracious harmony
People were then more caring and supportive of being free
But now we've tasted of violence and fighting fills our mind
We've put down our olive branches: war bills have been signed.

When will the day of caring become our most celebrated day?
When will the moment come when we can put our weapons away?
Is this just a fantasized reality that exists only in my poetic soul?
Or is it reasonable to think that non violence will be everyone's goal?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I come with my prayer list

I come here with my prayer list, so many names on here
No one has requested this of me I want to make this clear
But having heard so many stories and seen so many tears
I knew I had to bring them to the Holder of our years

See here: these many petitions and hear this pleading heart
Won't You, my dearest Jesus, make these hurts depart?
I'm not coming  with an agenda: no motives behind my call
Please  hear me my dearest Jesus and give healing to one and all.

There are some who have lost their family; others who want to die
There are those who need some healing and others so hurt that they cry
I cannot bring them anything that they are needing to be made whole
So please my dearest Jesus reach out and touch each and every soul

Monday, September 23, 2013

Before everything starts

The brightest morn has wakened me from my sleeping
And from all of the dreams that I had been keeping
Like a whispering friend who  has come forth with care
She has alerted me to the beauty that is everywhere.

Softly the breezes of the wind are beginning to sound
And touch lightly upon all that they are finding around
With the freshness of a flower who is bathing in the light
My soul is enveloped by One who can banish the night.

Can you see how the universe is finally starting to shine?
Doesn't it awaken in you feelings that are  so totally Divine?
For a moment can you feel how you can be lifted from this place
Into a realm where where angels are glowing with unmeasured grace?

There's something about the quiet that is the for-runner of our day
It holds inside it so much mystery and is always having so  much to say
Have you ever taken that time that comes up before your day would start
And listened to the whispering that is touching you so deep inside your heart?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Peaceful are the showers

How gently fall the splatters of water on the pane:
Mother Earth has been thirsty: now she has some rain
See the brilliant Heavens: they're opening up above.
Peaceful are the showers that are falling down with love.

Everything is so sparkly and is carrying an extra shine
Clouds are hardly noticeable though they thunder out of line.
The storms are strong and mighty but they leave a sacred bow
Everything has its meaning and the rainbows remind us so.

Wait a little while and all the darkness will clear away
Gone will be the showers and there will be a  brighter day.
Temporary is this tempest that has shaken our world  outside
See the sun, it's  rising up and warming us up inside.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Who am I that I should speak for You?

who am I, really,  that I should speak for You
I who have been feeling that I am not able to
But if you are wishing it I will not refuse You
For You are Almighty and wise in all You do.

I'm feeling so astonished and am so amazed how:
My surrendering has enabled this to happen now
Though I'm not like the others and haven't any power
I'm trust in Your Spirit each moment and every hour.

See how I am trembling at the things they are saying
All that is done here is Your power in me displaying
I take nothing for granted for I know my own spirit
You are the Provider of everything good that's in it.


Can you even tell me who my father is
Can you even tell me who my mother is
I wanting you to tell me can you even say?
Who I am in history: I want to know today

You say you really know this you like to say
You treat me like a stranger ignore me all the way
You never even notice me: not even for a while
You treat me like a villain who's going off to trial.

Whenever you were needy I was the one right there
Your lights were going off:  I was the one to care
But you have never ever known me: apart from  money matters
You continue in your coldness my heart is all in shatters.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The song inside you

Inside of every person, yes in every single heart
There's a melody needing freedom, waiting to depart
Some there are who write it and others who set it free
But music is deep inside you and is waiting patiently.

Can you hear it in  the silence or in your busy day:
Tugging so inside you; just wanting to get away
It's the lyrics of your symphony echoing deep inside
Oh sing for me your music there's need to hide....

It's shining inside your actions, reflecting inside your eyes
Sometimes you hear it humming: it catches you by surprise
It's something you've never heard of but  playing inside of you
Your hit song's just in waiting: what are you going to do?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The moon shines full this September night

The moon shines full this September night
The earth will be touched by all of its light
The changing of seasons is already in place
And this lunar glow will announce this grace.

In the earth around us, the signs are clear
This appearance will change the atmosphere
Though things may seem to be out of line
The Equinox assures us: "everything's fine".

Hush now for a moment: take notice of this
The Heavens are enveloping us with such bliss
The sight of this world and all that's around
Tells us that Someone is wanting to be found.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For I am your guardian angel...

I will help you carry that burden up that challenging hill
And I'll be there right beside you, when nobody else will
And when the urge to meanness comes to stir your soul inside
I will help you banish it forever and toss it all outside

For I am your guardian angel: from the Heavens I have been sent
To remind you of your calling and to soothe away your discontent
I will carry to you that knowing that will open up every shut door
With me you'll attain that glory that your soul has been searching for.

I have seen you in those moments when everything was falling apart
I have counted up all your tear drops and have seen your aching heart
With you I have celebrated those moments of deepest and purest joy
There's has never been any instance that my care for you wouldn't deploy

For I am your guardian angel: from the Heavens I have been sent
To remind you of your calling and to soothe away your discontent
I will carry to you that knowing that will open up every shut door
With me you'll attain that glory that your soul has been searching for.

So look away now from all those feelings  blocking your view today
And dig deep inside your being to find the strength for this new way
There's nothing so terribly powerful that can keep your from my light
I am here with all the Heavens to give you vision and keep things right:

For I am your guardian angel: from the Heavens I have been sent
To remind you of your calling and to soothe away your discontent
I will carry to you that knowing that will open up every shut door
With me you'll attain that glory that your soul has been searching for.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hear the words that waken daylight...

Breezes of the early morning
Herald Fall with cheerful warning
Summer days are gone it's true
But the Autumn's here for you

Listen deeply to her breezes
Tis the sound that always pleases
Touching gently on our faces
Healing is the kiss she places.

Oh the whispering of the angels
Breaking through the noisy tangles
Peace and love the song they're singing
Hear the message that they're bringing?

Before the hustling noises start anew
Let the silence pass right through
Hear the words of waking daylight
They are echoing: everything's alright.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oh the bling

We put before ourselves the things that aren't so very healthy
And will sacrifice ourselves for the title of being wealthy
But with all this foolish striving we are left to feeling empty
Because what really matters in life has been blurred by what is trendy

We will rush into the maze that our society has carefully created
And will cling to all these things that have us so dazzled and elated
But after the high of having fades away into the dark of  night
We will begin to dream anew of the things we'll get when it is light

We are really a needy people who are always seeking  more and more
Even though we have it all we keep on looking for things to store.
We simply have to keep the pace  with all the rest  of them out there
Even though half of what we have we would never think of or even wear.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little children, broken children..

Little children, broken children: seeking only for some love.
Tossed and beaten while mistreated: they are angels from above.
Who will help them: all these small ones; who will be for them a voice?
Little children, broken children: being born was not their choice.

Little children, broken children: seeking for the right to live:
Who will take them to some haven; who has love they want to give?
See them weeping, bruised and beaten: shyly reaching out a hand.
Their poor bodies bruised by a violence  they don't even understand.

Little children, broken children: looking for a brighter day
They are beings with a heart ache that never seems to go away.
Who will help them, all these children: who will end the great abuse?
Only you and I, my reader, can take a stand if we so choose.

Friday, September 13, 2013

There is a common need

There is a common need that passes through every nation
It is shared by all things living every aspect of creation
And though it seems so evident it remains the most unheeded
Love and understanding is the constant that's forever needed

Though we're warm and breathing so often we forget our being
And from what could make us human we are so very often fleeing
We are so blinded to those among us: so starving for our attention
And prefer the whirl wind around us to the sounds of their retention

This is why we're so distressing: so quick to run off to our foolish war
We forget we're  made for creation: there's nothing else we're made for
Until we come into that harmony that's calling out from our spirit inside
We'll never see that peace and unity we're calling for on the outside.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Speak to me softly while I am awakening

Speak to me softly while I am awakening
How soothing, this music, creation is making
All about me the creatures are readying to sing
I'm touched by the One Who created everything

Slowly the melodies around me are rising
My soul is uplifted but this isn't surprising
Surrounded by the Artwork of One Who's Divine
I'm immediately transported to Infinity's Shrine.

Nothing can capture the sensation I can feel
When lost in the Omnipotent's embrace surreal
All that can be given is some inaudible sighs
I'm kissed by Creation and touched by the skies.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In the wind is whispering

In the wind there is whispering the secrets of all time
And many a poet has captured them and put them into rhyme
Something about the peacefulness springing  from the earth
Gives an opening for the flare of creativity to give birth.

Hush a moment if you would to hear the silence within
Allow the murmurings of the earth to slowly filter in
Let the sweetness of the trees touch your mind and heart
Allow the universe to step inside and watch the symphony start.

All of us are bound together though so often we drift apart
The Creative Energy bound us all with a wisdom from His heart
Though we continue in all our ways and often fight and fret
We are inseparably bound as One though we so quickly forget.

No matter how many times you may say it

No matter how many times you may say it
Alleuluia will never guarantee the Spirit
And though on Sundays you may warm the pew
It doesn't really mean that God is in you

For many unseen ones,  have done great things
But have never been part of a church that sings
To all who had known them they were the purest love
And their lives were a mirror of the Great Above

It's not in the claiming of one faith over the other
But in the embracing of all as sister and brother
That we will come to be everything we're mean to be
Mirrors of the Creator who has loved unselfishly

Monday, September 9, 2013

All the universe is sighing

All the universe is sighing
Can't you hear her crying
Nations, with their fighting
Create an air most frightning

Creatures take in all the uproar
While rumors tell of coming war
What is it we're looking for?
Mother earth is feeling sore.

Everyone is being affected
By this violence resurrected
Who can claim to be ahead
When everyone is counting dead

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things Divine

There's beauty in the silence that sparkles through each star
Without ever speaking to us they have guided us from afar.
Through the aura of the cosmos can be seen an Endless Shrine
We look into the nightly-ness and can hear The Voice Divine

Hovering through the breezes that are touching upon our face
Messengers from the Immortal One come carrying all His grace
Riding inside the whisperings of the greatest Immortal Will
The angels are the warriors who can help our hearts be still.

No amount of writing can ever capture  this Heavenly Bliss
Many have tried to do so by composing poems: like this
But the Omnipotent is a Mystery that leads to peaceful rhyme
No one shall ever capture Him for He is way beyond our time.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Signs of Autumn

Clouds are floating by with grace
Breezes whisper through this place
Autumn  is coming: it's so clear
Cooler weather is drawing near.

Colorful flowers start to fade
Dropping seeds: hope's displayed
Tomorrow's blossom beneath the dirt
All awaiting a Spring rebirth.

Sombering songs and quiet rest
Speak a welcome to earth's guest
Fall is starting to sing her rhyme
Mysteries are opening up to time.

Friday, September 6, 2013

There's beauty in the sunset

There's a beauty in the sunset that heralds the end of day
And a mysteriousness in the moonlight lighting up the way
There's a gentleness in the silence that's whispering in night
And angels to carry the heartaches away before morning light.

Even when we are sleeping the messengers of the earth
Carry out the needed healing and speak sweetly of rebirth
The lands of the slumber and silence hold the path to peace
Whenever we enter into them we experience a great release

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What motivates you ?

What is that you're thinking.. right now inside your mind?
Would the angels be happy? Is it something good to find?
What are all the motives behind everything that you do
Are the reasons very noble or does greed push it through?

What are the deepest meanings behind every word you say
Would the Heavens be smiling or would they turn away
Are we puppeted creatures moved along by another's voice
Or do we control our actions.. take every step by choice?

When our life is ended and there is no one else around
Will we be a glowing diamond or an awful noisy sound
Is it very possible that the life we are living here right now
Is just a preparation for the Eternal One some how???

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

With the break of dawn

Gently flowing breezes kiss me on my cheek
Morning has awakened and the sun begins to peek
Warming rays of sunlight dance across the earth
A brand new day is waking how tender is its birth

Rising from their slumber creatures start to glow
With the touch of sunshine that begins to show
How beautiful and radiant the early morning skies
All the world's transforming right before my eyes.

I cannot contain my happiness at the break of dawn
Mornings are so glorious and as graceful as a swan
Without the need for speaking so much can be said
My soul rises up empowered and ready to be fed.

I had trusted you....

I had trusted you with all the contents of my heart
I shared with you everything from the very start
Now you've crossed that line and broken all my trust
You scattered around my secrets like some falling dust.

How can I even begin to feel any confidence again?
Everything's out in the open:  all my secrets from within
I had trusted you so much that I was willing to share
Now I see myself  exposed to countless people everywhere.

How many other souls have you been able to do this to?
How many other people have been hurt like this from you
Am I the only one who have allowed myself this fall
Or are there countless other ones? Can you even recall?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rainbows in the sky

Beautiful rainbows stretch across the sky
Calling out their colors to both you and I
Multiple mixtures making use of the Light
Storms that have passed us created this sight

With the softest of radiances the rainbows shine out
They speak to  us tenderly and not with a shout
Coming to us serenely after the rainiest weather
They gather the raindrops and knit them together

Rainbows remind us that life will continue
New hopes will come forward and struggles discontinue
A time will rise up from the confusion within
Enabling new opportunities and life to re-begin.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Every season has its rhyme

Little flowers are gently smiling in the fields now turning brown
Soon the Fall will come and scatter all their seeds upon the ground
Like the summer that's slowly fading they will enter into quietest sleep
Broken up into the tiniest pieces their seeds of hope are buried deep.

Sounds of nature rearranging filters through the changing air
Telling us that Autumn is coming : all her colors are everywhere.
Leaves are falling from their branches trees are looking awfully bare
Signs of the summer now departing fall upon us with  greatest care.

Take some notice as the seasons take their turn in  time and space
Mother nature will quietly whisper and one will take the other's place
How mysterious to us this motion of our universe in evolving time.
Every season has its very own rhythm and every season has its  rhyme.