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Monday, August 5, 2013

Why do you hurt me mommy?

Why don't you love me, why don't you care
Why must I hide all these wounds that I bare
Others are happy. I'm pretending to be.
Why don't you love me, please help me to see.

Something is missing and something's not here:
A few tender kisses from a mother most dear?
Where is the loving and where is the care
What is this bruising you so  like to share?

If you would just hug me with love in your heart
All this would be better: my fears would depart
But you keep on hitting me, keep making me cry
Sometimes I'm so frightened: I'm thinking I'll die.

The things that you're doing I can't understand
I kneel in the corner, wear the back of your hand
You burn me with fire and you beat me so bad
Why are you angry? What makes you so mad?

These are the wonderings that I keep here inside
As I shiver before you and am wanting to hide.
Whenever you call me, I'm wanting to run
You must really be  hating me:  What have I done?

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