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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What would happen if we would

Be more silent and be more noiseless: be open to the conversation
That is ever whispering and ever echoing through the whole of creation
We're too busy and we're too shallow: we don't understand the silence
We're wanting  the notice and the challenge and all the glow of diamonds

We should be listening and not answering to everything that's around us
Without schedule and an agenda we could really survive without a fuss
But we have been programmed and instructed: that such is the only way
Always striving, always fighting for everything we want to have each day

What would be so risky in not continuing in the same old routine of every day
What would happen if we were less hurried less in tune with what "they say"
Perhaps we'd be more peaceful less frightened: more open to the conversation
That is ever echoing and ever whispering through the humbleness of creation.

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