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Friday, August 23, 2013


While I was outside in all of the quietness I was connected with the wind
And listened to it as it was whispering to the new day soon to begin
It  was moving around with its tenderness and would brush against my face
While rousing up all of the universe with its most unpredictable grace.

There's  something about that quietness that the early morning can bring
It opens up all of the inner recesses and encourages a universe to sing
Without such a measurement of  silence that can permeate the world  around
One would fail to hear all of the mysteries that go beneath the earthly sound

So let us, for some moments, be silent and let us be without any noise
Let us listen to sound of the singing that is happening without human voice
For then we will tap into  that  energy:  that unity that is meant for all
And reserve for ourselves a remedy we can utilize when the challenges fall.

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