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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our world was made in goodness.....

Our world was made in goodness and for goodness it was made
Everywhere we look we can see the Infinity being displayed
Touched by the Everlasting One and glowing with love divine
Every plant and every creature is inviting this heart of mine.

Can you see it: all this radiance that is waking up each morn
The sun is sending out its warmness to this infant day just born.
Rising up in all this newness that this brand new day can bring
The whole entire universe is rising as it starts to sing.

Listen to all those whisperings how they're sounding out with love
Everything that is around us is but a tiny portion of the One above
Sharing out from all of Eternity an infinite number of its graces
The omnipotent and the Almighty One is found in an infinity of places.

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