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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Even through the tears...

All of my hopes were waning and I could not see the light
Everything around me was wearing the darkness of the night
I saw my dreams come crashing down, upon that troubled day
From the valley of my brokenness, I keep searching for a way.

They said to me I couldn't rise up, from all of this brokenness
And told me it would be normal, to be wading through some bitterness
But I would not let them convince me, that my hoping was in vain:
So I  picked up all the pieces and pushed forward through the pain.

My knees were bent in petition before the One who could heal all
And though I had not received instruction I let out my spirit's call
I wept through all my weakness and poured out what was inside.
I pled with the Great Eternal and was given strength to confide.

After I was done weeping, I rose up from up from my most pitiful place
And proceeded with new resolutions and was imbued with inner grace
I felt the touch of all of Eternity within this trembling spirit of mine
And though I didn't know the answers everything has begun to shine....

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