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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't give up at any cost

written for a friend: Marquita

These tears you are shedding that flow like an endless stream
Are only really preparing you for that most un-imagined dream
For a while you have been weeping and thinking that all is lost
But hold on to all of your hoping and don't give up at any cost..

Your heart is so enormous that it can feel the deepest pains
So it isn't any wonder that you have seen such pouring rains
With an honesty so tremendous you kept on giving without fear
It's almost time for your contentment see the dawn is drawing near.

Some get that funny notion that the storms will bring you harm
But these are only fables that shouldn't cause you great alarm.
For like the growing greenery that passes through the pouring rain
You will rise up like a champion and be stronger for all your pain.

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