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Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is accomplished by war?

Needing some silence and needing some peace
Because of the violence that everybody sees
Many are the newscasts that are reporting of war
Would that these rumors would continue no more.

Its hurting to the spirit that moves everywhere
Violence and fighting are contaminating the air
Using destruction to create some sort of fright
Will keep everyone fearful struggling for light.

I find it so very painful to think of these days
Innocent lives lost because of a selfish man's ways
Solving great problem but creating so many more?
What is accomplished by the initiation of war?

Friday, August 30, 2013

The beauty that's around

Take some time to ponder over all the beauty that's around
Hear the noises of the universe how  soothing is her sound
There is a certain peacefulness that will overtake our will
When we listen to the universe and let our hearts be still.

See them as they're floating by: the clouds inside the sky?
They're carrying so much energy as they pass by you and I.
SO beautiful yet so powerful: these graceful images of the air
They appear so very wonderful but can be destructive if they tear

Too many times we will miss it all this beauty that's around
We cannot hear it's whisperings beneath the multitude of sound
So we need to make some effort to find the silence and the peace
Which comes to those who withdraw awhile from all the world sees.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rumors of war

In a distance there are rumors of a war that is brewing
People do not understand what it is their leaders are doing
So when the bombs are falling and the mortar shells are flying
Many who are not prepared will be among those who are dying.

Sometimes the news is  disheartening and the media clips so sad
Why must we continue this violence that is created by the very bad?
Must it always be through the blood shed and the destruction of the other
What has happened to the theory that everyone is my sister and brother?

So we're returning to the flaunting of muscles and of our military power
The end result will never be so glorious when hatred begins to flower
For in destruction there's never a positive and unbeautiful is the end
When war becomes the answer and fiery responses is what we send.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We have inside us..

We have it inside us to be truthful and kind
It's deep in our spirit and part of our mind
Yet some of us fail to respond to this Light
And thus some will carry the darkness of night

It's deep in our being and so molded inside
A touch of the Eternal we're unable to hide
Constantly wanting it: the unique and the new
The Energy of Eden keeps Shining right through

Though many will taunt it and call it a sham
There's One who is Infinite and the greatest "I Am"
And the theories and reasonings that others will name
Will always fall short of the Infinite One's claim.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tenderly the morning sings

Tenderly the morning sings to my soul in sleep
Waking me from all my dreams from the rest I keep
Whispering with a gentleness that is void of noise
The spirit is an echo of the Infinite Being's voice.

Slowly I am awakening to a music so so blest
The universe is in harmony with my spirit's rest
Quietly making melodies for all the world around
Creatures carry the rhythm an ever peaceful sound.

See the flowers swaying with the early morning breeze
Hear the plants their singing see the majestic trees?
All the world is waking with a most melodious song
And we have all been invited to sing and join along..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rising from the earth

Beautiful melodies rise from the earth
Singing of  autumn and a future rebirth.
How luminous the colors that fall all around
Summer is passing: leaves are on the ground.

Quietly the season is making her changes
Temperatures are falling and  time rearranges
Seasonally sounding: the universe is calling
Creation is embracing  whatever is befalling.

Goodbye dearest summer the season's been fun
We'll see you again when the spring time is done.
The memories, the smiles you brought us each day
Will keep us all warm when the chill comes our way.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Noticing all earth's wonders...

Swaying with the rhythm of the softly blowing breeze
Leaves are making music as they hit against the trees
Birds upon the branches are serenading the new morn
Tiny beams of sunlight reveal a new day being born

Waving through the dew drops tiny flowers are saying "hi"
An autumn wind  starts blowing a new color into the sky
Geese are gathering family and make ready for the south
A squirrel gathers acorns which he carries in his mouth

Ants in numerous numbers are busy doing what they do
The clouds are creating images as they are passing through
All the world is busy with all the worldly things it does
Noticing all earth's wonders is important: just because.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

If I could catch those teardops

If I could catch those tear drops that are falling from your eyes
I would gather them all up with all the angels from the skies
All those heartaches that you're holding are so painfully unfair
Let them go into the sunlight and let them disappear like air

All your sighing makes me weepy for I know why you are grieving
I wish that I could erase all the scars these hurts are leaving
You are more than all this sorrow which for a time has had to be
To me you are very precious and I want to help you become free.

Tomorrow when you are aching and are unable to find your smile
Know that I will be most willing to come and be with you awhile
Nothing will ever be undone by my coming to be with you over there
But me being by your side will  show you someone can really care.

Friday, August 23, 2013


While I was outside in all of the quietness I was connected with the wind
And listened to it as it was whispering to the new day soon to begin
It  was moving around with its tenderness and would brush against my face
While rousing up all of the universe with its most unpredictable grace.

There's  something about that quietness that the early morning can bring
It opens up all of the inner recesses and encourages a universe to sing
Without such a measurement of  silence that can permeate the world  around
One would fail to hear all of the mysteries that go beneath the earthly sound

So let us, for some moments, be silent and let us be without any noise
Let us listen to sound of the singing that is happening without human voice
For then we will tap into  that  energy:  that unity that is meant for all
And reserve for ourselves a remedy we can utilize when the challenges fall.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wake me in the morning....

Wake me in the morning when  the sun begins to shine
Let me feel its radiance inside this heart of mine
Together we can look out upon this waking earth
And witness every second that carries her rebirth.

Wake me when the first song of this new day begins
Let me hear the sweetness of the darkness as it thins
There's something so mysterious about these waking hours
It's like an inner feeling that taps into greater powers.

Wake me when the moonlight is still waving her goodbye
Let me hear the whispers of all the angels passing by:
Before the world is rushed into some helpless busy noise
Let me feel the silence that gives all the world its voice.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unhealthy friendship

for a friend in an unhealthy relationship

Would you try to make me suffer so that you could find some joy
Would you hurt me over and over like some old and broken toy
You claim to be my friend while  hurting me with what you know.
Karma is outside waiting for you, you're in for quite a show.

I have no meanness in me yet you would strive to get me upset
I try to keep my calmness but you would press me on to fret
I do not understand it when you're saying you are my friend.
When all I have in my memory is your most upsetting trend.

I talk with all of my angels and they assure me that I'm not alone
Though there are  curious happenings occurring  around the home.
I cling to all of my spirit guides and I listen to what they say
Please don't use our friendship so  you can hurt me every day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our world was made in goodness.....

Our world was made in goodness and for goodness it was made
Everywhere we look we can see the Infinity being displayed
Touched by the Everlasting One and glowing with love divine
Every plant and every creature is inviting this heart of mine.

Can you see it: all this radiance that is waking up each morn
The sun is sending out its warmness to this infant day just born.
Rising up in all this newness that this brand new day can bring
The whole entire universe is rising as it starts to sing.

Listen to all those whisperings how they're sounding out with love
Everything that is around us is but a tiny portion of the One above
Sharing out from all of Eternity an infinite number of its graces
The omnipotent and the Almighty One is found in an infinity of places.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Just waiting to be seen

There is a beauty all around us just waiting to be seen
It doesn't shout out loudly but is gentle and serene
The moment one starts seeing this beauty everywhere
Is when one discovers truly the purest path to prayer.

All this earth is laden with sweet blessings from above
Every plant and creature is an echo of the One Eternal Love
From the tiniest little violet to tallest mighty tree
The universe is alive with the secrets from all Eternity

Just listen to all that music that begins with the early morn
It touches upon our senses and invites us to be reborn
Into that simple wisdom that gives birth to eacn new day
And enables all things living to continue along their way.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Every morning's a mystery

How sweet is the waking red bird as it greets the newborn day
Softly it's singing out for all who will pass along its way
Colorfully it is dressed up in its most familiar red
With sunflower seeds and berries it likes to be daily fed.

Smaller little winged ones are hopping upon the ground
Pecking here and there to see if any insects are around
Hardly even visible yet their song is so loud and clear
Seeking for their breakfast: all the birds are drawing near.

Every morning's a mystery  just waiting to unfold
In it all of the universe is such a beauty to behold
With the brightness of the solar rays dancing everywhere
All the creatures are waking up with everlasting care.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Freedom is here, don't you fear

The time has come
The birds have sung:
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

It's not out there
With worldly care
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Join with us
Don't hate or cuss
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Let go of that
Don't look at that
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

In all the wind
Words will  begin
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

In all the Rain
A remedy for pain
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Without the rush
Just get in touch
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

In love and care
In words of prayer
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Come rest with me
And you will see
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

In truth we're free
Just look and see
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Lets run and play
Breathe in the day
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

We are made for this
Such carefree bliss
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

Listen and look
Put down your book
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

No need to fight
Lets walk in light
Freedom is here
Don't you fear

We are but one
Each and everyone
Freedom is here
Don't you fear.

We close this song
But not for long
For freedom is here
Don't you fear.

Friday, August 16, 2013

What the Autumn can do....

The sun is shining so softly through the early morning air
Clouds have disappeared and there is a brightness everywhere
The cooler weather is bringing us some respite from the heat.
Beautiful are the images that the Autumn paints so sweet.

The days are becoming shorter as the Fall is drawing near.
Cicadas start their Autumn hum: their buzzing is so clear.
We can always hear them singing in the days before the Fall.
In a month they'll all be silenced by the new Autumnal call.

Something about the seasonal changes awakens the creative heart
Ideas begin to flow with ease and the creativity is quick to start
If you let out all of those artistic flares that you so dearly hide
You will see what the Autumn can do with all of your gifts inside.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seasons are mysteries passing our way

The summer is slowly winding away
Autumn is coming, see her display?
Softening sounds are all in the air:
Fall is arriving and showing her care.

Slowly the flowers bid their goodbye.
Colorful creatures take to the sky.
Earth is in passage: see her new stage?
Some things are dying; others just age.

Life is a lesson: we learn it each day
Seasons are mysteries passing our way
Everything's inviting asking us to hear
The beauty around us sounding so clear.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I will be your angel

Come bring to me all of your heartaches and let fall here all of your tears
I will listen to you without prejudice to the reason behind all of your fears
You wont find in me any sort of condemnation and towards you  I'll forever be
A friend and a listening angel where your heart and your soul can be  free.

For too long you've known all of these heartaches this brokenness you keep inside
You have been feeling for so long like a victim who is needing to forever hide.
No more will you have to walk in these valleys without someone right by your side
For I will be here right beside you and share in  all of those feelings you hide.

I know that you will find it so hard to trust me: trusting me will be no easy road
Because many have abused your in your spirit and left you with such a heavy load
But I will not be like all  these others who were after what they could get from you
I will be truly the angel you're needing and won't leave you with promises untrue.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What would happen if we would

Be more silent and be more noiseless: be open to the conversation
That is ever whispering and ever echoing through the whole of creation
We're too busy and we're too shallow: we don't understand the silence
We're wanting  the notice and the challenge and all the glow of diamonds

We should be listening and not answering to everything that's around us
Without schedule and an agenda we could really survive without a fuss
But we have been programmed and instructed: that such is the only way
Always striving, always fighting for everything we want to have each day

What would be so risky in not continuing in the same old routine of every day
What would happen if we were less hurried less in tune with what "they say"
Perhaps we'd be more peaceful less frightened: more open to the conversation
That is ever echoing and ever whispering through the humbleness of creation.

Monday, August 12, 2013

This vision so Divine

The sun is rising later with the coming of the Fall
The night hours linger longer despite the angel's call
All the world is resting when the sun begins to shine
Rise up from your slumber: see this vision so Divine.

Subtle is the sounding of the early morning breeze
Touching ever gently it rouses the plants and trees
All the world's responding to the whispers in the wind
The universe is awakening and a new day will begin.

Can you hear the joyfulness of these early hours?
All the world is waking up: can you hear those flowers
Everything is sparkling with the brightness of the day
Every morning's a symphony: can you hear it play..?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who are these beings?

Ever so softly: the whispers of a hundred thousand angels
Are rousing the universe with there ever peaceful echoes
Can you hear them as they're singing their early morning anthem
Quietly humming now as they summon the response of every atom.

Who are these beings these invisible ones that pass us by?
When we are uncertain they are the ones who inspire us to try.
Mystical warriors they are keeping a vigil over our every day
Unseen advisers, they're quick to inspire us what to do or say.

Have you ever wondered about these things you couldn't understand
How you've made it through the events you were unable to withstand?
There's a company of angels: that have been hand selected just for you
They're your protectors, your guardians  and are with you in all you do.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Even through the tears...

All of my hopes were waning and I could not see the light
Everything around me was wearing the darkness of the night
I saw my dreams come crashing down, upon that troubled day
From the valley of my brokenness, I keep searching for a way.

They said to me I couldn't rise up, from all of this brokenness
And told me it would be normal, to be wading through some bitterness
But I would not let them convince me, that my hoping was in vain:
So I  picked up all the pieces and pushed forward through the pain.

My knees were bent in petition before the One who could heal all
And though I had not received instruction I let out my spirit's call
I wept through all my weakness and poured out what was inside.
I pled with the Great Eternal and was given strength to confide.

After I was done weeping, I rose up from up from my most pitiful place
And proceeded with new resolutions and was imbued with inner grace
I felt the touch of all of Eternity within this trembling spirit of mine
And though I didn't know the answers everything has begun to shine....

Friday, August 9, 2013

Feel the tender moments...

The universe is singing out: can you hear her call?
Sweetly serenading: she is reaching out to all.
Feel the tender moments how mystically they awake
They are holding treasures that we are free to take.

Beautiful is the sunrise that's warming every day
Every ray's a reminder of love along our way
See the distant rain clouds: they're readying to pour
Everything's a testament: want to hear some more?

Nightly winds are whispering their wonders everywhere
While all the moonlit sky is echoing Eternal Care
All the world is mumbling beneath the darkened sky
We mustn't let a moment of this wisdom pass us by.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Am that anxious Healer

I hold all of the secrets of every broken heart
I see every teardrop from the moment that they start
I know your every weakness and every thing you feel
Come find in Me your healing and let your heart be still.

Whenever you've been weeping and no one is around
I am that anxious Healer Who's  waiting to be found
I see you every movement from the moment you awake
Why don't you see Me waiting: I'm not the one who's late.

You're breaking down with emotion and all you do is cry
You shake your fists at Heaven and you even ask Me why
But you never have been seeking  what I'm desiring to give
I am the Eternal Answer who can help you learn to live.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't give up at any cost

written for a friend: Marquita

These tears you are shedding that flow like an endless stream
Are only really preparing you for that most un-imagined dream
For a while you have been weeping and thinking that all is lost
But hold on to all of your hoping and don't give up at any cost..

Your heart is so enormous that it can feel the deepest pains
So it isn't any wonder that you have seen such pouring rains
With an honesty so tremendous you kept on giving without fear
It's almost time for your contentment see the dawn is drawing near.

Some get that funny notion that the storms will bring you harm
But these are only fables that shouldn't cause you great alarm.
For like the growing greenery that passes through the pouring rain
You will rise up like a champion and be stronger for all your pain.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Look outside your window

Sprinkles of the sunlight are dancing in the air
Filtering through my window warming me with care.
Early morning whispers before the world is awake
Carries angel's voices and all the plans they make.

Subtle sounds of singing from all the waking earth
Touches my inner being and is speaking of rebirth
Beneath the falling raindrops creatures one and all
Raise their grateful voices as these blessings fall.

Look outside your window and open up your being
Tell me if you can what your inner spirit's seeing:
Is is just an image just like every other day
Or can you see the beauty in a more revealing way

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why do you hurt me mommy?

Why don't you love me, why don't you care
Why must I hide all these wounds that I bare
Others are happy. I'm pretending to be.
Why don't you love me, please help me to see.

Something is missing and something's not here:
A few tender kisses from a mother most dear?
Where is the loving and where is the care
What is this bruising you so  like to share?

If you would just hug me with love in your heart
All this would be better: my fears would depart
But you keep on hitting me, keep making me cry
Sometimes I'm so frightened: I'm thinking I'll die.

The things that you're doing I can't understand
I kneel in the corner, wear the back of your hand
You burn me with fire and you beat me so bad
Why are you angry? What makes you so mad?

These are the wonderings that I keep here inside
As I shiver before you and am wanting to hide.
Whenever you call me, I'm wanting to run
You must really be  hating me:  What have I done?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

All your heartaches I could hear

I heard you crying in the stillness and your tear drops fell very near
Though you spoke not of your sorrows all your heartaches I could hear
Nothing of this will last forever there will be rainbows for your sky
Though today you fret and worry; all of this will be like a passerby

Has the hurt that's deep inside you put a damper on all that you do
Would you move into better energy: stop those hurts from coming through?
You are so precious and deserving of all the  brighter days that are ahead
Though you find it hard to imagine, you will not continue in all of this dread.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

We are missing all the treasures

We walk among the wounded ones, each and every day:
Yes, countless are the broken ones: we pass along the way
Too quick we are with judgments but not quick enough to see
That those we have been labeling are victims of brutality.

Some of those we have written off with medical terminology
Are the angels who would help us out if we were struggling.
We stick inside our stereotypes that society says we should
But never find the treasures that the non-conformist would.

Think about those  people we're around and those we push away
What is it about the marginalized that we keep them out of our day?
Do we think we're so noble because we're mingling with "the great"?
Where can there be any greatness if we're coming to see too late?

Friday, August 2, 2013


The winds are sounding loudly and tossing things around
Creatures of the universe are hiding from all the sound
All the skies are glowing from the sparks of flashing light'
A thunderstorm is present and its such a wonderful sight.

All the earth is shaking from the movements in the air.
Plants and trees are waving and are bending down with care.
Sounds of clashing clouds are overtaking time and space
Though this storm is scary it will leave us with some grace.

Now the rains are falling and are splashing here and there
Sparkling drops of water are like some diamonds in the air.
The sounds of blowing winds become like a gentle flow
A glowing arch of colors creates a finale for this show.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We need to count our blessings

Angels are wisely whispering in the stillness of the air
Hopeful flowers are growing and are blooming everywhere
All the world is silent while it awaits a brand new day
The clouds are holding meetings and having so much to say

A somberness is reigning while another storm is on the way
Yet all of the lovely creatures continue on with their play
Nothing about the weather can ever turn their hopes around
They are loved and cared for in the blessedness they've found.

If we will take the moments to look around in our own places
We will find that we are surrounded by an eternity of graces
So much has been give to us in the beauty that is all around
We need to count our blessings when sadness starts to sound.