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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You have walked a painful journey

You have  walked a painful journey and have known the lepers song
You have sought for inner comfort some relief from what was wrong
The time has come for your rejoicing and the storms have passed away.
Look around you and breathe in deeply healing has come upon you today.

Though you haven't all  earth's riches and the worldly call not your name
You  have more than what is needed: the entire universe is yours to claim
Words and wealth can never measure all the treasures you have deep inside
You are beautiful and you are blessed you have no need to blush or hide.

Come now forward from your dwelling and let your feeble spirit sing
You have suffered through the hardest; freedom carries your inner spring
Smile with all the world around you and sing the song of earth and trees
You have triumphed over all the darkness and breathed in the Spirit's breeze.

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