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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who will protect the children?

So many broken children growing up in our homes today
People are overlooking them and passing them on the way
Who will speak up for them: all these angels seeking grace
Look at all of them weeping, they're in every time and place.

The bruises on them are many and there's sadness on each face
They look for someone who's caring but often receive disgrace
They're broken little creatures brought to earth in a bad time
I am their wounded warrior and for them I'll write this rhyme.

We will save the trees and forest and the animals that are wild
But who will stand and protest all of the abuses against the child?
We will claim to be so loving but will pass the hurting child by
Who will speak up for the voiceless: Wipe the tears from every eye?

We have laws for every purpose; but how many focus on child abuse?
Children grow up unwanted and then become people without a fuse
There is such a vicious cycle that keeps repeating again and again
Who will protect the children from all of the violence that they are in?

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