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Monday, July 1, 2013

The room around me is spinning

This illness has taken away so much of my strength within
Am hoping that, with the morning, some restoration can begin
It has been too long already and I'm feeling so terribly weak
All my energy has been depleated and I find it hard to speak.

The room around me is spinning and my head is terribly sore
If I have this one more day; I won't be able to take any more
It's like having all one's liquids drained out from every cell
I'm finding it hard to focus and I am not doing so very well.

This virus, that is upon me, has invaded my space within
I'm hoping that it will be passing so I can feel better once again
I'm pleading with all of the Heavens and with the Creator of us all
To spread out some healing energy and to strengthen me lest I fall

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