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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The plants are singing bright and early

The plants are singing bright and early with the morning sun
Crickets, ants and crawling creatures have most their breakfast done
The day is bright with many colors that are delightful to the eye
Today will be a hot one surely and everything will be warm and dry.

Hear the  morning woodpecker pecking? He is as early as can be.
He's tapping  with his pointy pecker and winking at you and me..
Never let a moment pass you that you don't find some sort of grace
All the earth is up and moving with its beauty all over the place.

Time to take some moments slowly and take in the morning awe
Creation's vibrant with a melody: reminding us of all we saw
Birds and beasts and crawling creatures and trees and plants as well:
The universe is wide awake and hinting of what it wants to tell.

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