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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The beauty of every moment

The beauty of every moment is something we don't always see
We are hustling and we are bustling, right past all of the mystery
Too much of the need to be running and to little time to hesitate:
Is it really any wonder that we can't find any time to meditate?

In all of our daily doings, what is it that we really have to do?
Is there really never any time for the beauty that is most true.
Can we really not find any moments, any seconds in all of our day
Must we always be in some motion inside some busy-ness of display?

What would it be, to be truly silent and to open up to really hear
To listen to all of the universe to start using our inner ear?
What would it cost us to take some notice of all the silent sound
Are we afraid of what's hidden, the many insights that can be found?

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