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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nobody would reach out..

The angels were whispering about what they had seen
A coldness of heart and some words that were mean
The Heavens were weeping and letting down  rain
Nothing's ever beautiful about a person in pain.

Many were the witnesses but no one would speak
A child was all broken with tears on his cheek
The people passed by him and looked with a glare
But no one would reach out to show him some care.

Everyone was whispering about how he was clothed
But no one would look into the life he so loathed
Rather they judged him and ridiculed his ways
He was desperate and needy and searching for praise.

When not in the public he was hurt without end
He was beaten and broken and having no friend
Left for the evening he would whimper at night
Hoping for a tomorrow where there wasn't a fight

The angels were whispering about what they had seen
Words that were hurtful and a home that was mean
People who could see him but appearing as blind
Nobody would reach out and treat this boy kind.

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