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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Morning brings a warming light

Morning brings a warming light with the bright and rising sun
Gone is the darkness of the night. The dawn is greeting everyone
Soft are the rays that dance about as the star of morn draws near
Whispers from the early breeze announces that a hope is here.

Quietly moving through the trees, the creatures of the dawn are awake
While sibling squirrels are jumping about: early fun they begin to make.
Fluttering around with grace and joy, some butterflies are in the air
Bees are busy with their buzzing around and all the ants are everywhere.

Humming sounds from  the insect world seem to break forth from the ground
While plants and flowers are whispering about the harmony that's around.
The universe is finally fully awake and is sending up its peaceful sigh
Which angels gather into their wings as they station themselves nearby.

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