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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Listen to each moment passing

My mind is cloudy from this illness and the words are hard to make
Weakness has taken over my being: and quieter visions I must take
Soft the whispers in my spirit; kind the touches from Heaven above
Writing must be brief and limited as I try to heal with love.

Sweet the echoes of the Eternal in each moment that passes us by
Every second is a vessel and every one is prepared for you and I
Listen to each moment passing, yes, listen to each flowing breeze
Listen to each sound and murmur: listen to the earth and the trees

Every thing that is  around us and every thing that is before our eyes
Is carrying inside the sweetest echoes from the Lord of earth and skies.
Listen then to every creature and gaze beyond the horizons you see
For beneath the veil of what's appearing is the heart of  Eternity.

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