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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's not over

She is crying and no one is listening
Upon the pavement her tears are glistening
She is a mother who has so many children
And a brutal husband who ignores her feelings

He is stressing and is hiding his emotions
He comes back home: goes through the motions
His work is wearing his whole being down
His wife is too busy and nowhere to be found.

She's that child that the others won't call
She's always smiling: has no friends at all
She's the one that her mother likes to hurt
She walks around hopeless and feeling like dirt

They are the different ones: so "unlike the rest"
They break the rules and with one another nest
They're so quickly labeled by the righteous one
"Freedom to marry" is upon the banners they run.

These are the people with the crumbling story
We can keep on writing of their stolen glory
People who were once so happy and in love
Have become the broken: the never thought of.

If this was the end to these stories we were reading
We would say that there's so much our world is needing
But these aren't the endings but merely the beginnings
And we are the ones who will bring the happy endings.

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