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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In The Earliest Hours

All the earth is gently waking while the sunbeams dance around
Every creature and every plant-let sways beneath the blowing sound.
The breezes are moving to touch us and are rousing us from  our sleep.
While the Heavens sends it guardians: ready to watch and ready to keep.

You who waken with such a resistance: consider what you could miss:
Beauty dawning like Creation: every morning carrying Heaven's kiss.
Do not dally or do not linger in those blankets that kept you sound
For the mysteries that can bless you: in the earliest hours are found.

Listen deeply to your spirit as you are rising up from your bed.
Tell me,  if you have a moment. how your spirit can be kept and fed?
Do you take the time to nourish it: all that world that's deep inside?
Will you turn away from  all of this questioning or will you try to hide?

I am wondering in my being: what you are thinking of when you arise
Do you consider how you're breathing or what's beyond the bluest skies?
Do you notice how you are living and that you're able to talk and see?
Maybe. part of you isn't  perfect; but you are as perfect as you can be.

So I stop right here with rhyming and leave the rest for you to hear
In the day that you'll take part in: listen deeply to all you come near.
You will hear such hidden secrets and the words which have no sound
Will echo inside your being that: graces and blessings are all around.

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