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Monday, July 15, 2013

If I would speak to the violets

If I would speak to the violets and whisper with all of the trees
Would you think that I was foolish? Would you tell me please?
If I could hear all of the elements and all of the plants that could sing
Would you say that I was mental and not in touch with anything?

Because I can really hear the flowers and I can hear their melody
The silent rocks are not always so silent: they sometimes shout to me
The tiniest little creatures that are so invisible on the ground
Are wanting to have some  voice  to share all that they have found.

So I'm listening to the creatures and to all of the elements
I'm hearing the whispering sounds that the universe freely presents
There's  such an array of music and so much beauty in all the sound
The universe is truly alive and so much peacefulness all around.

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