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Friday, July 12, 2013

Can you see the beauty of this brand new day?

The morning is here; can you see the beauty of this brand new day?
Everything is alive with so much wonder and vibrant words to say
Listen so deeply to every movement of the wind that is passing by:
It is carrying lots of secrets and every answer to our what and why...

The morning star is shining; but clouds are putting on their own display
They are shouting out to us, telling us of the storms that are on the way
We look out around us and we can see the movement of  the plants and trees
They are crying out to us and challenging us to be creative with some poetry

The universe is singing to us and is creating for all of us a pure symphony.
All the earth is radiant with so much of the beauty and wonder from eternity
We have all of this daily, each day is opening up to us a brand new array
Of colors and treasures to be discovered as we are go along our busy day.

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