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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Believer?

You told me that you were a believer and a lover of Almighty God
Yet you are  constantly avoiding me and every road that I will trod?
You said that you were a follower of The Great and Eternal Above
Yet you never once have shown me an ounce of  encouraging love.

Where is all of that faith at: that you are  so constantly claiming?
And where is all of that goodness that your actions keep on defaming?
I can't see why you keep on trying to so righteously condemn
All of the hungry and the needy and: not wanting to be "part of them"

I'm trying to find the meaning behind all of the appearances on the  pew;
If after you have sat there you do not change the  hateful things you do?
I'm sure that the Heavens are weeping and are so appalled by what they see
If you are holy and devout an hour and then it's off to your hypocrisy?

Sign holders and self righteous you keep on shouting  your philosophy
Yet run from the occasion to protect the ones you have robbed of  dignity
I'm trying to find the connections between your actions and all you believe
But see only  those you have rejected and those you have been able to deceive...

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