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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The silence has started to whisper

The silence has started to whisper and all the world is still
The angels are outside fluttering and moving around at will
The earth is radiantly shining beneath the collective light
Creation is finally awakening and the view is pure delight.

The hush of this morning stillness is able to touch our core
It can  penetrate our inner senses and make us long for more.
The mystery of the universe is wrapped up in all these moments.
We need to learn to listen or we'll miss out on all this silence

No amount of in depth reading can substitute whatever is here
The preciousness of this silence is so transforming and so dear
It's like a beautiful oasis: quenching the thirsty and the weak
If you're longing for life's answers: go into the silence and seek

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's not over

She is crying and no one is listening
Upon the pavement her tears are glistening
She is a mother who has so many children
And a brutal husband who ignores her feelings

He is stressing and is hiding his emotions
He comes back home: goes through the motions
His work is wearing his whole being down
His wife is too busy and nowhere to be found.

She's that child that the others won't call
She's always smiling: has no friends at all
She's the one that her mother likes to hurt
She walks around hopeless and feeling like dirt

They are the different ones: so "unlike the rest"
They break the rules and with one another nest
They're so quickly labeled by the righteous one
"Freedom to marry" is upon the banners they run.

These are the people with the crumbling story
We can keep on writing of their stolen glory
People who were once so happy and in love
Have become the broken: the never thought of.

If this was the end to these stories we were reading
We would say that there's so much our world is needing
But these aren't the endings but merely the beginnings
And we are the ones who will bring the happy endings.

Monday, July 29, 2013

It happened inside of those hours

For a while I was totally blinded and I couldn't really see
I walked around not knowing and was surrounded by mystery
I needed someone to talk to but thought that no one would care
I was a bundle of broken pieces: ready to drop them anywhere.

So many things had happened: so many moments had passed me by
I was immersed in so  much sorrow that all that I could do was cry
Time had left me these heartaches and I was feeling so ill at ease
Who could take this ruptured spirit and fill it with inner peace?

It happened inside of those hours in which I was feeling alone
You entered into my hopelessness and began to lead me home
You didn't start off with promises or gloss over my inner pain
But rather You invited me to freedom  and I felt all Your healing rain.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

So many children are so hurt and crying

So many children are so hurt and crying
They are wondering if anyone is trying:
Trying to help them or trying to save them
From the places from which their sorrows stem?

Bruised and broken: they are all so needy
Countless the little ones:  with the greedy
Claiming to be parents: yet never loving them
Instead they're battering and ready to condemn.

Why dearest angels does this keep on occurring?
Why must the littlest ones keep on enduring?
Who will protect them if not their own family?
Help me dear angels for I'm really trying to see.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The plants are singing bright and early

The plants are singing bright and early with the morning sun
Crickets, ants and crawling creatures have most their breakfast done
The day is bright with many colors that are delightful to the eye
Today will be a hot one surely and everything will be warm and dry.

Hear the  morning woodpecker pecking? He is as early as can be.
He's tapping  with his pointy pecker and winking at you and me..
Never let a moment pass you that you don't find some sort of grace
All the earth is up and moving with its beauty all over the place.

Time to take some moments slowly and take in the morning awe
Creation's vibrant with a melody: reminding us of all we saw
Birds and beasts and crawling creatures and trees and plants as well:
The universe is wide awake and hinting of what it wants to tell.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thank you for being our angels

You come with all your goodness and light up my every day
Your kindness is like the sunshine that illuminates my way
You selflessly keep reaching out to everyone who is near
You never seek for anything: you're an angel ever dear.

When someone is ever hurting or is falling along the way
You come with lightning speed and assist them without delay
You're never ever boisterous: not a seeker of noisy praise
You go about your business, guarding us in all our ways.

Thank you for being those beacons when all is dark as night
For being those rays of sunshine that keep our spirits bright
Thank you for watching us always even when we are asleep
Thank you for being our angels a mission that's yours to keep.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sounds of morning

Sounds of morning are so clear
To the one with listening ear
All around us here and there
Mother nature reveals her care.

With the appearance of the sun
Leaves are waving at everyone
Wearing droplets from a shower
Plants appear with mystic power.

Up above in the clouding sky
Signs of storms are passing by
Whispering to us about the day
Clouds are drifting further away.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You are wondering if it's okay to cry...

You are wondering whether it's okay to cry
To let all those tear drops fall from your eye
You're wanting to be brave and also to be strong
But your eyes keep welling up all the day long.

If there was some reason that we should not cry;
We wouldn't have these tear ducts: you or I
But rather we'd walk around: being  stoic or glad
Never releasing any of the hurts that we have had.

Tears are like our angels who are carrying away
Heartaches and disappointments from our trying day
They take away our tensions and they release all our fears
We wouldn't be human without shedding some tears.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Who will protect the children?

So many broken children growing up in our homes today
People are overlooking them and passing them on the way
Who will speak up for them: all these angels seeking grace
Look at all of them weeping, they're in every time and place.

The bruises on them are many and there's sadness on each face
They look for someone who's caring but often receive disgrace
They're broken little creatures brought to earth in a bad time
I am their wounded warrior and for them I'll write this rhyme.

We will save the trees and forest and the animals that are wild
But who will stand and protest all of the abuses against the child?
We will claim to be so loving but will pass the hurting child by
Who will speak up for the voiceless: Wipe the tears from every eye?

We have laws for every purpose; but how many focus on child abuse?
Children grow up unwanted and then become people without a fuse
There is such a vicious cycle that keeps repeating again and again
Who will protect the children from all of the violence that they are in?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why didn't you ever love me ?

Why didn't you ever love me and why didn't you ever care
Why was it you had to beat me? Why did you pull my hair?
Why were you so abusive: why, so hateful to me each day
Was I some sort of reminder of all of your erring way?

So many times I'd wake up: afraid of the approaching day
I 'd whimper whenever you'd call me and tell me come your way.
Didn't you ever wonder: how you were hurting me deep inside
The outside wounds would heal but the inner ones I had to hide.

Today I am still not able to be all that I really want to be
But I've made lots and lots of progress despite  my frailty
Sometimes I still hear you yelling and still feel that awful pain
But I've actually begun the healing of those nightmares that remain.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Morning brings a warming light

Morning brings a warming light with the bright and rising sun
Gone is the darkness of the night. The dawn is greeting everyone
Soft are the rays that dance about as the star of morn draws near
Whispers from the early breeze announces that a hope is here.

Quietly moving through the trees, the creatures of the dawn are awake
While sibling squirrels are jumping about: early fun they begin to make.
Fluttering around with grace and joy, some butterflies are in the air
Bees are busy with their buzzing around and all the ants are everywhere.

Humming sounds from  the insect world seem to break forth from the ground
While plants and flowers are whispering about the harmony that's around.
The universe is finally fully awake and is sending up its peaceful sigh
Which angels gather into their wings as they station themselves nearby.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Believer?

You told me that you were a believer and a lover of Almighty God
Yet you are  constantly avoiding me and every road that I will trod?
You said that you were a follower of The Great and Eternal Above
Yet you never once have shown me an ounce of  encouraging love.

Where is all of that faith at: that you are  so constantly claiming?
And where is all of that goodness that your actions keep on defaming?
I can't see why you keep on trying to so righteously condemn
All of the hungry and the needy and: not wanting to be "part of them"

I'm trying to find the meaning behind all of the appearances on the  pew;
If after you have sat there you do not change the  hateful things you do?
I'm sure that the Heavens are weeping and are so appalled by what they see
If you are holy and devout an hour and then it's off to your hypocrisy?

Sign holders and self righteous you keep on shouting  your philosophy
Yet run from the occasion to protect the ones you have robbed of  dignity
I'm trying to find the connections between your actions and all you believe
But see only  those you have rejected and those you have been able to deceive...

Friday, July 19, 2013

All Creation wonders about you and me.

Waving gently in the breeze
Branches moving on the trees.
Climbing in and climbing out
Squirrels upon them: romp about.

Lightly flying: low and high
Butterflies soar into the sky
Buzzing here and buzzing there:
The bees are busy everywhere.

Creeping crawling on the ground:
All the insects are moving around
Voiceless, quiet, without a noise:
Rocks and plant-lets seek a voice.

Sweetly singing all day long
Robins and others create a song.
Looking intently and trying to see
All Creation wonders about you and me.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The beauty of every moment

The beauty of every moment is something we don't always see
We are hustling and we are bustling, right past all of the mystery
Too much of the need to be running and to little time to hesitate:
Is it really any wonder that we can't find any time to meditate?

In all of our daily doings, what is it that we really have to do?
Is there really never any time for the beauty that is most true.
Can we really not find any moments, any seconds in all of our day
Must we always be in some motion inside some busy-ness of display?

What would it be, to be truly silent and to open up to really hear
To listen to all of the universe to start using our inner ear?
What would it cost us to take some notice of all the silent sound
Are we afraid of what's hidden, the many insights that can be found?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Picking up the pieces

Teardrops falling from my eyes
Like raindrops from the stormy skies
Words I wished that I could say
Are now so silent: so hid away..

It's time to weep inside my heart
I watch and wait for my restart
People say: I'll laugh again
I wait and wait and wonder when.

Broken pieces: scattered around
My life is broken: upside down
Hurts and happenings I must hide
There's a war zone deep inside.

Wounded pieces: broken heart:
I gave my best and did my part
Now I'm healing as best I can
Tragic memories I try to ban.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Every morning is so wonderful

This morning the beautiful robins are up before the dawn
Their music I keep hearing as I rise from bed and yawn
All the world is silent but there echoes  a joyful voice
The early birds are singing creating a peaceful noise.

I'm readying for my new day but have yet to see the sun
Creatures of the morning are coming out here one by one
All the earth is waking up and creating a gentle stir
Squirrels and rabbits are digging up some breakfast I am sure.

Every morning is so wonderful that one has to step outside
The symphony of  the universe seems to touch all hearts inside
The purity and the blessedness that's moving with the wind
Whispers to us of happiness that's  just waiting to begin.

Monday, July 15, 2013

If I would speak to the violets

If I would speak to the violets and whisper with all of the trees
Would you think that I was foolish? Would you tell me please?
If I could hear all of the elements and all of the plants that could sing
Would you say that I was mental and not in touch with anything?

Because I can really hear the flowers and I can hear their melody
The silent rocks are not always so silent: they sometimes shout to me
The tiniest little creatures that are so invisible on the ground
Are wanting to have some  voice  to share all that they have found.

So I'm listening to the creatures and to all of the elements
I'm hearing the whispering sounds that the universe freely presents
There's  such an array of music and so much beauty in all the sound
The universe is truly alive and so much peacefulness all around.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How all things ought to be

The sun is shining brightly warming all around
Squirrels are scampering freely eating off the ground
Birds of every color are flying here and there
All the universe is happy and ever ready to share

Trees are waving freely and swaying with the breeze
Plants are stretching upwards towards the One who sees
All creation is moving and showing all it's love
Everything created reflects the One above.

Can you hear the whispering of the spirit deep within
Carrying all things beautiful, its inviting: "lets begin"
Looking at the universe and all of its harmony
We get a silent blue print of how all things ought to be.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

All these guardians are so near

Tender words for fragile ears
Angels gather up all our tears
Moving quickly deep inside
They are healing hurts we hide

Angel beings watch  around
Guarding us from evil found
They provide us inner light
Lead us through the darkest night

See their movements? We cannot.
Yet they guide us as they ought
With discretion they watch all
Lightning responses to our call.

All these guardians are so near
If you call them, they will hear
With their wisdom they will reach
Erring hearts they will teach.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nobody would reach out..

The angels were whispering about what they had seen
A coldness of heart and some words that were mean
The Heavens were weeping and letting down  rain
Nothing's ever beautiful about a person in pain.

Many were the witnesses but no one would speak
A child was all broken with tears on his cheek
The people passed by him and looked with a glare
But no one would reach out to show him some care.

Everyone was whispering about how he was clothed
But no one would look into the life he so loathed
Rather they judged him and ridiculed his ways
He was desperate and needy and searching for praise.

When not in the public he was hurt without end
He was beaten and broken and having no friend
Left for the evening he would whimper at night
Hoping for a tomorrow where there wasn't a fight

The angels were whispering about what they had seen
Words that were hurtful and a home that was mean
People who could see him but appearing as blind
Nobody would reach out and treat this boy kind.

Can you see the beauty of this brand new day?

The morning is here; can you see the beauty of this brand new day?
Everything is alive with so much wonder and vibrant words to say
Listen so deeply to every movement of the wind that is passing by:
It is carrying lots of secrets and every answer to our what and why...

The morning star is shining; but clouds are putting on their own display
They are shouting out to us, telling us of the storms that are on the way
We look out around us and we can see the movement of  the plants and trees
They are crying out to us and challenging us to be creative with some poetry

The universe is singing to us and is creating for all of us a pure symphony.
All the earth is radiant with so much of the beauty and wonder from eternity
We have all of this daily, each day is opening up to us a brand new array
Of colors and treasures to be discovered as we are go along our busy day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The universe is waking

The sky is welcoming the newest day
All the darkness is passing away
Beneath the glow of the rising sun
Nocturnal work is finally done.

The morning's here with gentle voice.
The universe is waking without a noise
Look out around you and look outside
The earth is radiant with nothing to hide.

How great the beauty: the love Divine
Creation's inviting us into its Shrine
What awesome greatness touching us all:
Have you noticed the Eternal's call?

Inside the creatures, the plants and trees:
Infinity's whispering; but no one sees.
Such depth of beauty, such love Divine
Transforms the created into a Shrine.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today there are stormclouds

Today there are storm clouds filling the sky
The Heavens are saddened; making ready to cry
Angels are waiting and are so ready to fly
Today there are storm clouds: look at the sky..

The flowers are waiting and so are the trees:
The rain is a blessing; so, send us more please
The vegetables are ripening; so ready to pick
No problem arising though clouds are so thick.

Yes there are storm clouds way up there high
They're crowding the sunlight and filling our sky
It seems to be dismal and so cloudy today
We'll carry some sunlight and brighten the way

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In The Earliest Hours

All the earth is gently waking while the sunbeams dance around
Every creature and every plant-let sways beneath the blowing sound.
The breezes are moving to touch us and are rousing us from  our sleep.
While the Heavens sends it guardians: ready to watch and ready to keep.

You who waken with such a resistance: consider what you could miss:
Beauty dawning like Creation: every morning carrying Heaven's kiss.
Do not dally or do not linger in those blankets that kept you sound
For the mysteries that can bless you: in the earliest hours are found.

Listen deeply to your spirit as you are rising up from your bed.
Tell me,  if you have a moment. how your spirit can be kept and fed?
Do you take the time to nourish it: all that world that's deep inside?
Will you turn away from  all of this questioning or will you try to hide?

I am wondering in my being: what you are thinking of when you arise
Do you consider how you're breathing or what's beyond the bluest skies?
Do you notice how you are living and that you're able to talk and see?
Maybe. part of you isn't  perfect; but you are as perfect as you can be.

So I stop right here with rhyming and leave the rest for you to hear
In the day that you'll take part in: listen deeply to all you come near.
You will hear such hidden secrets and the words which have no sound
Will echo inside your being that: graces and blessings are all around.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Will you be that caring person?

Is there someone that you know that is needing extra care
Will you take that extra moment to let them know you're there
Will you make that special effort to relieve their troubled mind
Is there someone that's around you that knows grief of any kind?

Did you walk that extra mile today and give someone your time.
Did you put aside your busy-ness for some quietness sublime
Have you looked beyond your own-ness  and seen the other one
Can you tell me have you noticed any kindnesses left undone?

There are so many people yet who have no one to really care
Will you be that special person and open up your heart to share
Too many broken people are walking lonely and without a friend
Will you be that caring a person that initiates a caring trend?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

So I sing to You each morning

You spoke to me of kindness and of giving and of love
You invited me into Your friendship and raised my hopes above
You encouraged me in my weakness and gave me a new way
I cannot help but praise You and thank You every day.

When I was weak and faltering You whispered to my will
And when I felt so helpless You encouraged me to be still
In all of my stormy moments, You were my Shining Light
So I sing of You each morning and I praise You every night.

Without Your Sacred Presence I could not walk for long
You are the breath I'm breathing; the One who makes me strong
You are Sun for every morning and the moon for every night
You are the Great Eternal and the Giver of all our sight.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Eternity Dies Never

Look up at the Heavens and see all that blue
Stretched out for eternity, it exists just for you
Listen to those whisperings and all of those tweets
Our souls are surrounded by celestial treats

Every moment  we're existing: from morning till night
Eternity is speaking and surrounding us with light
In the movements of creatures or the hush of the breeze
The Eternal is breathing and trying to please.

All the world is our transport to the Eternal Above
We are here within moments that will lead us to Love.
Everything is a passage that will lead us to Forever
Our time here is passing but our Eternity dies never.

Friday, July 5, 2013

After the morning storms

The air was cool and crisp  and she was brushing against my  face
She was singing to me of beauty and she was singing to me of grace
How wonderful the world would be if they would just learn to sing
These were the words she was echoing as she was greeting everything

The flowers were waving to and fro as they shared their colors around
Happily they were singing their song even though they made no sound
Their beauty was so touching and their fragrances were everywhere.
Every one who came to know them came in touch with Eternal Care

Crawling creatures were moving about and sliding across the ground
Tiny insects were busy about the raindrops that were falling around
All the plants were whispering and the wind, she was drawing near
The universe was waking up and she was singing for all to hear

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remembering the price of freedom

A couple centuries ago, in this land of stripes and stars
Thousands of people set out to create this freedom of ours
Many were mortally wounded and many were the battles fought
The path to our total independence was not so easily bought

So today we're celebrating our freedom and its founding past
Which, despite, the passing of time has continued to last
We're waving the flags in ceremony and allowing the sparks to fly
Remembering the price of freedom though many years have gone by.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You have walked a painful journey

You have  walked a painful journey and have known the lepers song
You have sought for inner comfort some relief from what was wrong
The time has come for your rejoicing and the storms have passed away.
Look around you and breathe in deeply healing has come upon you today.

Though you haven't all  earth's riches and the worldly call not your name
You  have more than what is needed: the entire universe is yours to claim
Words and wealth can never measure all the treasures you have deep inside
You are beautiful and you are blessed you have no need to blush or hide.

Come now forward from your dwelling and let your feeble spirit sing
You have suffered through the hardest; freedom carries your inner spring
Smile with all the world around you and sing the song of earth and trees
You have triumphed over all the darkness and breathed in the Spirit's breeze.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Listen to each moment passing

My mind is cloudy from this illness and the words are hard to make
Weakness has taken over my being: and quieter visions I must take
Soft the whispers in my spirit; kind the touches from Heaven above
Writing must be brief and limited as I try to heal with love.

Sweet the echoes of the Eternal in each moment that passes us by
Every second is a vessel and every one is prepared for you and I
Listen to each moment passing, yes, listen to each flowing breeze
Listen to each sound and murmur: listen to the earth and the trees

Every thing that is  around us and every thing that is before our eyes
Is carrying inside the sweetest echoes from the Lord of earth and skies.
Listen then to every creature and gaze beyond the horizons you see
For beneath the veil of what's appearing is the heart of  Eternity.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The room around me is spinning

This illness has taken away so much of my strength within
Am hoping that, with the morning, some restoration can begin
It has been too long already and I'm feeling so terribly weak
All my energy has been depleated and I find it hard to speak.

The room around me is spinning and my head is terribly sore
If I have this one more day; I won't be able to take any more
It's like having all one's liquids drained out from every cell
I'm finding it hard to focus and I am not doing so very well.

This virus, that is upon me, has invaded my space within
I'm hoping that it will be passing so I can feel better once again
I'm pleading with all of the Heavens and with the Creator of us all
To spread out some healing energy and to strengthen me lest I fall