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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whisper to me sweet universe

Whisper to me sweet universe and speak to me if you would please
Share with me that wisdom that's inside the plants and the trees
Talk to my inner most being and breathe deeply into my heart
I have tasted all of  your sweetness; it won't ever let me depart

Your mornings have moved me so deeply and I have heard your song
Every creature is out there to remind me of where I  truly belong
I'm lost inside of your sweetness that is oozing with Love Divine
Whenever I am in your presence I feel like the Heavens are  mine.

Whoever is lost and is wondering and whoever is seeking the light
Will find whatever is needed in the opening of  day and night
For echoing from every creature and whispering through all the trees
Is the One who gave us being and Who is also  inside the breeze.

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