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Monday, June 17, 2013

When you are not feeling well...

Take some time now,
and allow your soul to breathe in
the universe's lasting peace.
You are in a hurry;
but, all of this hurrying is unhealthy
and is needing to finally cease.
Your true happiness
will be found in the gentle rhythm, of the heart
 that is letting go.
There's no need to be speeding
through every page of your own story:
don't you know?

You are finding imbalances,
in how you are feeling,
deep inside of your earthly frame.
And you are looking for some reasons
and some places
where you can put down all of the blame.
After all of the searching
for the reasons and the meanings behind
how you're starting to feel;
You will discover, in the quieting silence:
the mysteries that reveal
why you need to be calm and still.

Are you starting to feel better
as you are letting the words of this poem
calm your being deep inside?
Are you finally realizing
that the answers you've been seeking
aren't found in anything that's outside?
Everything you're needing to know
and are struggling with
is being answered by your own spirit deep within.
So, close your eyes now
and turn off all of that is noisy and disabling.
Let your healing finally begin.

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